Faith In Fiction

Recently I’ve been reading lots of Christian fiction, and I’ve been struggling through a bunch of them, or I simply see them as childish.

This is compared to the two or three books, I’m currently in the middle of that the authors would not consider to be Christian. I am zipping through them.

I like the occasional Bible verse in a book, I like reading about people who pray, but more than that I like reading about families, about kindness. I like reading about people who help others. I like books that show faith, whether that is the authors plan or not.

Probably my favorite books are the ones where they show faith, but the stories are set in a time period that no matter how strong your faith was or wasn’t you went to church.

I can read the Bible anytime I want. And honestly super long prayers about fictional characters, is a little … uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts?

A Delightful Book, Nancy Lee’s Lookout

I don’t really know how to feel. Is it the end of an era? Is it an exciting achievement? Why do I care so much?


After all I’ve only just finished a book. I mean if you looked at my Goodreads profile you would be wondering what is wrong with me, I finish books all the time.


True, but most books I finish aren’t the last book I haven’t read of a series. And they aren’t the third out of four books. And I loved the first two of the series, but the last one wasn’t well done. And most books don’t have the promise to get back to my favorite “YA” series once I’ve finished it. And very few books are super promising, but have been put off for two years.


So Hurrah, Yippee, Hurray, and other cheers I have finished Nancy Lee’s Lookout.


Yes it was great. I enjoyed it. I would totally recommend it. It is a delightful summer story, about a YA and her adventures with her friends one summer.

Get a copy of it here.

Or better yet get the first book of the series here.