Shoe Thoughts: Vans off the wall

I have never cared for the look of Vans or Converse. In my mind they both look very close to the same and neither of them look flattering. So when we were given a couple of pairs they stayed on the shelf.

Finally on a rainy day last spring I decided that my leather sneakers wouldn’t do. I wore them once, thought they were reasonably comfortable and then summer came and I went barefoot.


Fall came and has no mostly gone and I started wearing them again. We’ve been having a bit of Indian Summer for the past couple of weeks but it’s getting cold again. I took the pictures in this post several weeks ago during the second snow we’ve had this fall. Hurrah for global warming.


The color. I hate light colored shoes, they just show the dirt. (but it’s okay, my leather sneakers were white) These pictures are not an accurate representation of how my shoes look now.

The shoes are loose.



The shoes are loose.

The shoes are comfortable. I don’t know if this is partially because they are probably like three sizes to big, but they are wide enough that I don’t mind wearing them for hours.


Snow is weird.