Bucket List To Own

Bucket lists are weird. I recently read a book that was about fulfilling a bucket list and that made me think of mine. I don’t have a bucket list in the traditional sense, but I do have a list of things I would like to own before I die. Let me see if I can make this like a tag.

Dream Car

Photo From Pixabay

As you might be able to tell from the picture above my dream car is a Model T Ford. Souped-up of course.

Dream Residence

Photo From Pixabay

A Farm. I don’t want pigs, or necessarily ducks and rabbits, but you get the idea. I want it to be big enough for a couple of small crops, some meat, and some pleasure animals (because I don’t want to use horses for much).

Dream Out Building

Photo From Pixabay

I’d say this is a lovely self-explanatory picture, but what I really want are those super awesome rolling/sliding shelves that some colleges have. I want to be able to lock some books away as not appropriate for young eyes.

Room In The House

Picture From Pixabay

If my library is in an outbuilding that means I have room in the house for a sewing room. Right? An ancient sewing machine, an outer wall shelf, table, ironing board thing. Windows galore. And on the inner walls cabinets of fabric.

Dream Pet

Photo From Pixabay

A shire. I want a big horse. A Clydesdale. One of the gentle giants. A draft horse.

I do want to tag a few people to do this.

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Ariana’s Flying Life

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Plaid Petticoats

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Updates will happen.

The NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag


  1. Thank the awesome blogger who tagged you!
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  3. Feel free to use the NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag graphics!
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  5. Tag some friends who are also doing NaNo this year.
  6. And have fun!!!


Thanks Sophie for tagging me and letting me use the graphics


Tell me about your NaNoWriMo project this year! Give me a blurb!

Come to Containsia a place with no gluten and no magic. Hiding from the Empire there maybe Centaurs, Dragons, Dryads, Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, Goblins, Lecrans, Nyads, Onontets, Trolls, Werecats, Weregoats, Werewolves and the occasional talking animal.

Zimran has a few problems. On one hand Zimran has “The Mark of Goozon”, on the other he has “The Mark Dracone”, in the back of his mind is the fact that both he and his sister is of age to wed, never mind the fact that the shunned have been in contact with him.

What’s the genre?

Epic. YA. High. Fantasy. With, No, Magic. There, Will, Be, Dragons. And, Elves. And, Fairies. So…

Describe your MC in three words.

Dragon-rider, Brother, Stressed

Without spoilers, describe your villain in three words.

Empire, Evil, Cliche?

Not to be vague, but this is book one of a (hopefully) five book series, so …

What is your goal? (the traditional 50K? 20K? 5K? or……. 100K?)

Traditional, Traditional, Traditional. I want to hit 50K, but it’s not to important.

Is this your first draft? Second? Third?

First draft, attempt six….

Yes. This story has been around a bit.

Are you starting a new project (or draft), or continuing an existing one?

Starting a new draft. None of the existing drafts are up to snuff, but I will reread them all.

What is your favorite time to write in the day?

Mid morning?

Where are you going to write?

It depends. Hopefully on my desk in my room. But I’m still sharing with my sisters and the desk isn’t made yet. Probably on my lap, in my chair, in the living room. Possibly on my bed.

Computer or paper?

Computer, but I may switch to paper. There are advantages to both.

NaNoWriMo is a huge commitment!! How are you going to make time to write?

By reading less. I’m considering almost completely stopping reading on my computer and using that time to write.

Are you going to participate in local or online NaNoWriMo events? (e.g. kick-off parties in your city, write-ins, virtual writing sprints…)

Maybe… Yes! I’m hoping my boss librarian will let me hold a write-in or two in the local library, but I’ll probably do some sprints as well.

Do you write from beginning to end or skip around?

Beginning to end. At a later point some scenes may skip around. But it is supposed to be beginning to end.

Planner or pantser? (or plantser?)

I’m planning. It is slow going. Last time I pantsed.

What will be your go-to NaNoWriMo snack?

Cabbage! Private jokes from Camp Nano aside. Apples, Oranges, Cabbage.

Choice of caffeine? (or no caffeine?)

Mostly no, but I’ll have a cup of black tea on occasion.

Any rewards for milestone achievements? For finishing NaNoWriMo?

Ummm…. Maybe I should do this…. Ummm…. I’m trying to save money…. Ummm…. I really think this is a good idea, but I’ve never really done it. I don’t know what to make my rewards… Mom suggested that I get a sticker for every day I write. What the final reward will be is beyond me. Give me your suggestions.

Share a tip for other NaNo-ers!

Plan ahead. You probably know what days you definitely  won’t be able to write on. (I’m looking at you Thanksgiving) so plan ahead and bump up our word count goal accordingly.

How are you feeling about NaNoWriMo? (Excited?! Nervous!? Terrified?!)

Not terrified. I don’t put that much concern into the matter.

Share an aesthetic for your NaNoWriMo novel!

Now to be perfectly honest I’ve never made an aesthetic for anything, so tell me how I did.

The vast majority of these are from Pinterest. Because I realized I wanted to do this tag on Sunday the 13th, last Friday I went to the library and did some pin-surfing. If you want to see other options I considered for this aesthetic and more behind the scenes stuff check out my Containsia board.

I want to tag these wonderful people!

Bella Putt







I thought there was a couple more people I wanted to tag, but I can’t find them right now, so I’ll edit it if I remember.

If you want to encourage me or keep track of how I’m doing you can buddy me on NaNoWriMo or buy me a coffee.

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Ask A Reader Tag


Esmeralda of Writings of a Farm Girl did this tag ages ago, she said anyone who wanted to could do it. Friday promises to be busy and when I normally would be writing my post I will hopefully be driving , so I thought this would be fun to do early so I can schedule it.

  • What sparked your love for reading?

Either the first chapter book I read by myself “The Happy Hollisters At Mystery Mountain” (as I was an extreme idiot at the time I choose a book that had a number of Spanish words in it) or when Mom told me that when I was eight ??? I could read “God Knows My Size”

  • Where do you get your books?

Hither and Yon

  • Where do you read?

Where there are words

  • When do you read?

See  above ^

  • What genres do you read?

Adventure, Fantasy, Non-fiction, “Contemporary”, Mystery, Cook Books

  • What are your favorite childhood reads?

I loved “Franklin The Turtle” when I was learning to read. “Heidi”. Enid Blyton.  Encyclopedias.

  • What are your favorite books?


Favorite Fiction Book; The Princess Bride

Favorite Non-fiction Book; The Emerald Mile

Favorite Trilogy; The Lord of the Rings

Favorite British Series; Swallows And Amazons

Favorite Based On Truth Series; James Herriot


  • Do you read fast or slow?


  • Do you set reading goals? What are they?

I did this year, for one hundred books.

  • How do you track your reads?

I don’t, or Goodreads now.

  • Do you binge-read?

Yes. and No.

  • Do you fall in love with characters?

A couple, kind of, once, I forget the title of the book they were in though…

  • Do you buddy-read?

If by that you mean two people read the same book at once, yes I’ve done it before.

  • Do you re-read?


  • What’s the best thing about being a reader?

Learning new things. Visiting different worlds.

The Normal End Of A Tag Post Stuff.



Tag: 4 Strong And Confident Women Characters

Earlier this week I ran across this post, which in turn led to this post. Something about the second post rubbed me wrong, but at the same time I really enjoy characters like this. I decided while my full list of characters like this could wait, until then I could make a tag to celebrate such characters. So lets get started.

Someone Old (a classic character, some one that has been around for fifty years and is still popular):

I’m not saying this is my favorite classic character that fits this description, I won’t even say it’s my favorite by that author, but can we hear it for the Marchs from “Little Women”. I know there are technically five members of that family that fit the bill, but… Also if you claim to be a BookBlogger or a BookTuber, who is pro women and you don’t know who the March’s are you can leave behind your title in the comments so I can know to avoid you.

Like usual I got the cover from Goodreads. Actually they all will come from there.

Someone New (a character that has been written in your life time, or at the time of the tag the author is still alive):

I’ve talked about her before, I’ll talk about her again, but I have to say Creel from “Dragon Slippers”.  She rides to “wild” dragons, that is confidence.


Someone Forgotten (a character you are certain most people have never heard of):

This is a little hard for me, but I say, Georgina and her Sister from “A Book By Georgina”. In one of the very first things to happen is Georgina inviting King Cole to be a model for her sister. I would never be able to do that. Sadly this book is out of print and will be in copy write for forever. Good luck finding it.

A Book by Georgina

Someone True (a character who actually was a real person)

After a bit of thought I will say Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, one of the Co-authors of “Cheaper By The Dozen”. The fact that she wrote such an amazing book about her family gives her almost immediate entrance onto this list.



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Did I see it right, we probably will never get “Buttercup’s Baby” by William Goldman?