A Heart Pocket History,

Back in 2014 Mom made me a skirt. She used upside-down huge blue jean legs for the main part and a pair of darker blue pockets for pockets. To make the skirt longer and prettier she added a pink ruffle to the bottom and matching pink hearts on the pockets.

At P’s graduation, just after it was made

I loved it. I wore it all the time, so naturally the ruffle wore away super quickly.

Thankfully the rest of the skirt was still good, so it was a matter of a few minutes to change out the ruffle. This time I cut up a skirt I had made years before in a sewing class. It was a lovely ruffle.

Second-rendition-of heart-pockets
Pardon the ugly face. At a family reunion, after falling in a river.

This ruffle lasted longer, but the day came that it could no longer serve. Unfortunately I have no pictures of what happened next to this skirt. I was wearing it one day when someone mentioned I had a whole in my skirt. I was expecting it (I had been wearing the skirt year round for four years), so sad as I was I retired the body of my skirt.

The pockets were still good though as was the ruffle so I made a new skirt body and put them onto it.


Sadly though now one of my pockets has a hole in the bottom, so when this wears out I will only have pictures and scraps. I love this skirt and I’m glad that I put reminders of it on my blog. It’s been a staple for a long time.

The Other Option

If you have read much of my blog, or even if you just glanced at the post titles, you should now I love skirts. Proof 1 and Proof 2

I can come across as someone who hates pants, trousers, slacks, jeans, etc. I don’t hate them I just hate skinny jeans, leggings, and other similar styles.

I don’t like them because they are like a second skin. To me it shows off to much. They also are made of strange plastic fabrics frequently, and I hate those. They also are the least pocket sensible things ever invented. Regency fashion would look better with anything bigger than a piece of paper.

Regency parasol

I don’t talk about pants much because I don’t wear them much.


Sister Cady Skirt

The style of skirt that is currently available in my etsy shop is what I call a Sister Cady Skirt.

As skirts go a Sister Cady is pretty simple, an a-line with a pocket or two. The fabric is the most interesting part. See the featured image if you don’t believe me.

But it has hidden advantages. Depending, this type of skirt can take up the least amount of cloth, making it cheaper than the more flashy types. It also is wide enough that most every day actions are perfectly simple to do in one.

According to the internet in America, Cady means simple happiness. I imagine that she has her life planned out. She will get married at nineteen, to the man she been in love with forever. They will have ten kids, and she will home-school them. They will have a garden and chickens, a dog and a cat.


My Etsy Shop Is Open

D and I have finally gotten a couple of items up.

Depending on popularity D will keep making her art. This is the only option to get right now.


Any clothes items will be unique. Most of them will be made by me! Currently the only thing have have good enough pictures to sell is this crazy skirt.


I need to add an edit to tell how long it is. I’ve not gotten very far on any of the other details of setting the shop up yet, but you can check it out by following this link.



It Doesn’t Stop Us

I like my sisters, my best friend, and her sisters can usually be found wearing a skirt. The skirts we wear hang over our knees when we are sitting and allow us to take long strides. That is the secret to a skirt you can do anything in with having to worry about anything.

I have climbed trees, ladders, cliffs, and climbing walls in my every day clothes, because it would take to long to change. I have jumped into leaves and crossed rivers in these clothes, because I can.

I am proving I can be strong and feminine like all the greatest women in history, when I hike, backpack, run, blaze trails, and garden in my skirt. But I’m also very glad I don’t live back then.

Look it’s the back of M ^

And I show my personality and my willingness to be different when I wear a skirt for everything else that I do.