Sister Cady Skirt

The style of skirt that is currently available in my etsy shop is what I call a Sister Cady Skirt.

As skirts go a Sister Cady is pretty simple, an a-line with a pocket or two. The fabric is the most interesting part. See the featured image if you don’t believe me.

But it has hidden advantages. Depending, this type of skirt can take up the least amount of cloth, making it cheaper than the more flashy types. It also is wide enough that most every day actions are perfectly simple to do in one.

According to the internet in America, Cady means simple happiness. I imagine that she has her life planned out. She will get married at nineteen, to the man she been in love with forever. They will have ten kids, and she will home-school them. They will have a garden and chickens, a dog and a cat.


For The Guys Out There

I’m working on opening a custom clothes shop, it’s taking awhile because, reasons, a cold, and family. Recently however I’ve been differently inspired. Inspiration, even if at the time I’m not able to do much with it, is what encourages me to keep working.

Recently P spent the weekend with one of our cousins family. He told them of my plans and they were super encouraging. Yay! K C had a couple of suggestions for what I could do for the guys, this was great. I’ve always thought, “I should have something for the guys to wear too”, but guys clothes are boring. What makes it harder is that most guys seem to like boring clothes.

He suggested pants with pockets for flashlights and knives. Knives would be very interesting to try to do because they come in so many shapes and sizes, but most flashlights are small enough to be held in one hand… He also suggested matching father and son outfits, now admittedly I’m a young female so I’m probably not the best guesser at what most fathers would like for them and their sons to wear, but I’ve a few ideas.

Now I just wish that I could find a ton of others willing to sew my ideas so I can start selling all of them soon.