My Thoughts On Leggings In General

There are two negatives in my mind when it comes to most leggings.

  1. They are advertised as outer wear.
  2. They are made of horrible materials.

Modesty is very important to me and wearing a second skin then acting like it’s okay because it is a different colour is ridiculous. It also isn’t a flattering look no matter your body type and as soon as you add “pockets” it looks like stupid cancer.

Moving on.

I am a snob. This is an indisputable fact.

I grew up wearing natural fibers. They have a certain feel that I love. They breathe. They are in my opinion infinitely better than polyester, nylon, and spandex.

Retro, Flannel, Nightgown

This post has been sitting here with just a title for way to long, so here is the rest of it.

Every so often it comes to my attention that I need a new nightgown. Towards the middle of this past fall was one of those times. So I bit the bullet and got out the flannel. Only for my sister to remind me that we have a limited supply of the stuff so “Don’t use to much of it” In order to not use to much fabric and to make the sewing process easier I came up with this pattern, which was vaguely inspired by some vintage nightgowns I’ve seen.

It’s not much of a pattern, but I knew how I thought it would turn out and it did turn out perfectly. (I just hadn’t fully thought a detail through, but that is for a later paragraph.) Down below is an image of how the seams came together.

In the above picture you may notice the large amount of gathering on the shoulder seam. When I inevitably reuse this pattern or if you decide to use it, I recommend moving that to be more towards the back of the neck. Otherwise the seam tends to slide forwards and make you look hunchback.

There are a number of options on nightgowns when it comes to how it gets on. Most frequent are buttons, elastic, and just having a big enough hole to pull it over your head. I went with an interesting variation on the third one. Laces.

I started sewing down the ribbon on the outside of the lower layer at the top Every inch I would cross the ribbon, before sewing along side it. When I got to the bottom I switched to the inside of the upper layer and continued. At the top it was a simple matter of lacing down the split and adjusting the laces so my head would fit.

This was one of the odder and harder to write blog posts. But. Here it is.

The Costs of Fashion

And How To Calculate What You Want To Pay.

I’m not talking about the ecological price of fashion, for as long as you only use natural fibers, like I do, the cost is negligible.

The Cost To Your Wallet

This is to many this is the important point. How much do I have to pay? Can I pay less somewhere else? Before you do much of that you need to understand…

The Cost Of Making It

There are two parts to the cost of making something. The Cost Of The Materials and The Cost Of Time.

Some styles, yes probably only take an hour, maybe two, to make nicely. Especially if they are mass produced, but even some slightly customized pieces won’t take any longer. Even a fully customized to a odd body shape, may depending on the style, only take an extra hour.

But, as soon as you add lots of details, even if you aren’t supposed to notice the details, (looking at smoothly set in sleeves, they are the literal worst) the time adds up. And the more seams, particularly fussy seams, the more time.

People should be paid well for their work. Here in the USA, the minimum wage is a little over seven dollars an hour. But that is for unskilled labor, so many people recommend that seamstresses ask for more. I have slightly mixed feelings about asking for more, because it is already expensive enough to pay for many full days of work.

That is in America though. The cost of living is higher. So we need more money to survive. So… You look for somewhere with a lower cost of living and pay them!

Yes, this is a great idea. Buy “everyday”, “basic”, clothes from a shop that cares about their workers, it strikes the best balance between the cheap things that come from Chinese Slave Labor and the expensive things that will support someone.

Look for people who mention living wages and other such terms. Look for shops that talk about knowing their workers. Ask about how much they pay. You may get a slightly odd quote, but there may be a reason behind that. If they tell you they “pay per piece” glance at their price extremes and you should realize why, some garments are hard and some are easy.

So now that you’ve read through the lecture on supporting others, let’s talk about materials. Look at the specs for the dress and at the details, then look online for how much that material would cost. Then subtract up to 20% on the assumption they got it at wholesale prices.

So how much should you spend? It depends. But spend wisely.

Modest Dresses: Day Wear LEe

Please note, that these dresses are modest according to my standards. My standards may be different from yours, but this is hopefully a good starting point for you.

Please note, that these dress are day wear according to my standards. My standards are likely different from yours.

Please note, most of these shops are not “modest”. Just because what they are selling is modest or can be used modestly does not mean that their pictures reflect that fact.

This is the Linen Dress Edition. To the best of my knowledge all of the dresses featured are 100% linen. This may not be true of every dress labelled “linen” in the stores, but these ones are. I’ll try to do more of these with other fabrics.

I can’t speak on the quality in any of most of these stores as it would cost thousands of dollars and I’d have a ton of dresses. I also am not one hundred percent certain that all of them are ethical. Do your research, but here is a starting point.

Final note before the dresses. I’ve chosen to show the prices that represent the most basic of these dresses in my personal size. Depending you size may have a different price. These dresses are to the best of my ability in the order of least to most expensive.

To the right is Modest Classy and her 100% Linen Shawl Collared Winter Dress. I own it and reviewed it here. I was surprised a little to be reminded that it is the cheapest however I’ve talked with the owner about it and I’m mostly fine with that detail. I noticed on the MC etsy shop that the prices were comparable to the norm. Most of these are etsy shops as well so I wonder if some of them have similarly odd markups. This dress is missing some pockets and is narrower than many of the dresses I am showcasing. However if you like the vintage look like I did, I recommend it.

To the right we have OceanaLinenHouse‘s Loose Linen Shirt Dress with Roomy Pockets in Yellow – Short Sleeves Linen Dress with Detachable Tie Let us all be honest, the pockets look like the best part of the dress. I mean the other details are fine, but…

To the right is MaisonLy‘s Loose Linen Summer Dress / Round Neckline Short Sleeves Linen Dress / Available in 50 Colors This one I saw and thought was pretty, but it ties up in the back, so maybe not.

To the right is PehroDesign‘s Pure Linen Dress, Washed Linen , Midi Dresses, Customized, Plus Size Clothing, Bridesmaid dress. Linen tunic. Linen dresses for women I would where it everyday. And those sleeves. Wow, they are cute!

To the right is YolinesStudio‘s Linen dress, striped linen dress, long linen dress It is in my honest opinion one of the most basic short sleeved linen dresses ever to exist, but sometimes that is the best. And it would be so much fun to dye it!!!

To the right we have yet another Chinese one newstar2016 and their Purple Linen Dress,Half Sleeve Linen Maxi Dress,Pleated Dress,Smock Dress,Handmade Dress I actually really like the back of this dress. It is squarish and gathered and pretty. But the pictures of it only showed the top of the dress and that isn’t much, so the boring, basic, plain, drawstring, front it is. Also the color.

In the right hand column we have linenbeesDrop Waist Dress from Linen, Drop Waist Maxi Dress, Dress Woman, Summer Dresses for Women, Linen Dresses for Women, Dress with Belt Not to accuse the drop waisted linen dresses of being in the same price range, but the ones I liked, were because one was on sale.

To the right is SlavsMedievalShop‘s Medieval dress, Viking dress, linen underdress gown, 100% linen. Viking costume, reconstruction. And notice the first medieval style dress. Notice the first watermark. If I’d seen a watermark earlier I would have left it in. I’m not saying that we’ll be seeing lots of watermarks, I just found it curious.

To the right is KnockKnockLinen‘s LINEN HOODIE DRESS | linen tunic dress with a short kimono sleeves | linen summer dress Again it looks a bit shorter than I would like, but again they ask for your preferred length. Depending I might even consider getting it in shirt length. I adore the hood. I used to have a hooded shirt ages ago, and I kinda want one again. Don’t worry I’ve tentative plans to make a hooded something soon. Oops, that went a bit off track. I’m not sure about the “cultural hurts” that may spring up over calling it a kimono though.

To the right please notice Armstreet and the beautiful Dress Tunic “Red Elise” If I were a little too rich I’d have this dress in every color. Yes it is basic. I don’t care. I adore it. The colors are so rich. The style is so perfect. It is the first linen dress I ever found online. My first thought on seeing the price was “I think I would pay that if I could” I still think that the price is reasonable. I don’t fully know why I haven’t bought one yet. Please, pay attention to that dress. Or don’t if you can’t stand the style like certain shoe string relations of mine.

You know we have AVDress‘s Linen Dress Sagebrush, Linen Dress, Taupe Dress, Victorian Dress I love the pintucks. They are work. This reminds me of the dress above whose simplicity I commented on. I felt like all it was doing was easier sleeves, when there are so many tiny details you could put in to make the price of the dress an easier pill to swallow, when the prices run high.

Right beside this is KytaBoutique’s Linen dress 20+ COLORS Linen midi dres Womans linen dress Linen dresses for women Aside from the afore mentioned shortness and its common solution. (If you don’t get what I mean go looking up) there is a detail about this dress that is noteworthy. Scroll quickly back through. Did you spot it? This is the only one with a pattern on it. All the rest are solids. Will pay more for pattern. (or I could dye some myself)

Here is BookDressesLight pink linen maxi dress Long medieval women custom dress Rustic wedding summer princess dress Bridesmaid engagement romantic dress Gift Much like an earlier dress, I would wear this on an everyday basis. I hesitated a little before putting it in as the neck is low, but many of us have Half Tees or camisoles so I thought why not?

To the right is Revintaria‘s Anastasia Linen This dress is in the detail and the details are stunning. Crotched lace collar. Look at the belt. Did you even notice it before I mentioned it? Self fabric, with covered hardware. Wow. That is different. That is detailed. This shop is amazing. It is so professional and put together and stylish. I feel like none of those are the words I’m looking for but, maybe they will do. Anyway I’ll say “Mad respect to them.”

To the right is SondeflorShop‘s Sky Blue Linen Dress, Shirt Dress, Midi Dress, Long Sleeve Dress, Linen Outfit, Romantic Dress, Sondeflor Linen Dress, A Line Dress/Elisa I’m running out of things to say. This one has a some pintucks on the front. It’s such a pretty basic. We’ve crossed the $200 when not on sale mark. Again this is popular on Instagram.

Finally on the right is EcoLinendressesGray linen dress with buttons It sounds so plain, but a glance at that picture should explain why it comes last. The sleeves are handcrotched lace. HAND CROTCHED LACE! D. doesn’t like the style of lace. That is a matter of personal preference, but I’d say it is worth it if you like it.

To the left we have Xiaolizi‘s gray linen dress for women, summer dress, prom dress, party dress, evening dress, tiered dress, maxi linen dress, custom made 1698# In some ways I really adore this dress and many others by this shop, but they are Chinese. So mixed feelings. It’s somewhat unsurprisingly among the cheapest. They are doing some really cool and interesting things.

To the left is Sohopigment’s Ocean Linen Dress – Custom Linen Dress with pockets – Summer Dress – Maternity linen dress – Long linen dress – Soft Maxi linen dress A couple thoughts on this one. It’s maternity which is super cool, though personally unnecessary. Also this is a more basic style so if that is your thing?

To the left and the tiniest bit down I’m showing Ylistyle‘s Casual Linen Dress – Pale Gray Everyday Comfortable Fit & Flare Long Maxi Dress with Half Sleeves and Button Front C815 Another Chinese shop I like the styles of, but feel odd about. The pockets are so cool looking.

Call me odd, but I wish the dress to the left had a sailor collar. It’s from LinenSea and is called Pleated Linen Dress / Pleated Dress / Japanese Style / School Dress / Loose fit / Dress with Pockets / Skirt Wouldn’t it be adorable?

To the left you will see Verlinne‘s ROCHIE DIN IN LUNGĂ CU GULER ȘI NASTURI or LONG DRESS WITH COLLAR AND BUTTONS Pardon the shouting. Yes. If you click on through to the site you will see why I’m so pleased to have found this one. It is all in Romanian! It is so pretty and long and the name is so basic. If you know of any others like this tell me. I want to know

To the left is linencity‘s Linen dress for women/ Linen dress long with fluted sleeves/ Linen maxi dress/ Linen summer dress, yellow dress Let’s just talk about that color. The other details are okay. But the color! I love that yellow. It is super eye catching, but who cares. It would make me smile and infect others with smiling as well.

In the left hand column is noisy forest‘s Linen women dress Lora with pockets I really like the tiered look. All the ruffles, I would guess that they are using a 1.5 ratio.

To the left is CozyBlueLinen‘s Linen Dress Women, Drop Waist Dress, Blouson Dress, Linen Clothing, Casual Dress, Plus Size Linen, Fall Linen Dress, Pockets Dress,Hand Made So as pictured this is a little short for my tastes. Over the knee please. But they say they make everything custom, so an easy fix for a super cute dress. I mean look at those pockets and a drop waist. 🙂

To the left and a little bit down is OffOn‘s Linen dress with frill sleeves in moss green color/OFFON CLOTHING The sleeves on this dress! I love an odd sleeve. As a seamstress I find that odd sleeves are among the easiest to do so I love it. I will admit for a dress this basic I think the price may be a little much. I know that this dress is from Lithuania where the cost of living is higher than in say Asia, but a number of the shops are and they can be more complex and cheaper. Hats off to all the buttons though.

To the left. NinisAndFamily‘s Dark Blue Collared Linen Dress/ Peter Pan Collar Vintage Style Linen Dress/ Loose Fit Women Dress/ Button Up Maternity and Nursing Dress Hurrah again for maternity. Also hurrah for the picture. I cut it some. Because I felt odd. This whole thing feels odd. It is the most exhausting blog post I’ve ever done. Please be impressed. I’ve been working on it for at least 8 hours now.

On our left is Linenbrand‘s Light Blue Linen Dress, Modest Dress, Maxi Linen Dress, Dress With Pockets, Summer Dress, Linen Dress Women, Oversized Clothing, Long Dress Looking at this picture I’ve decided I want more light blue in my life. I want it soon. I’d say now, but at the time of writing I’ve to many sewing projects and not enough money or space. I also love that they advertise their pockets. GO POCKETS!

To the left is CottonCandWearShop‘s GRACE close fitting linen dress with 3/4 sleeves, midi dress, casual maxi dress, full circle dress, dress with pockets, shirt dress I feel like this is the first shop that is popular on Instagram for cottagecore aesthetic. It’s a pretty dress but we’ve crossed the $150 not on sale line and is it that good? No. I don’t think so.

To the left is MythArteu‘s stunning Brown/cream early medieval 100% handmade dress with a tren, slavic dress, viking dress, handembroidery, linen, size S And I will admit. Because of the train if I bought this my family would think I was putting fashion above practicality. But it is so pretty and warm looking and I’d figure it out. I want a dress with a train for everyday life. It makes me less human.

On the last left we have LittleWomenAtelier and their Beth Dress in Sage green with short sleeves, Linen Dress They are such a cool idea. I love it. The dresses are all pretty and clearly well researched. The prices! Are they worth it? Maybe? I mean look at that two pocketed, puffed sleeved, and scalloped collar, dress. It is beautiful.

None of these links are affiliate links. I knda wish they all were, because I’ve spent hours and hours on this. If any of these links stop working please contact me. If you find some shops you think I should add please contact me. Thank you.

Here are some pictures of how I looked as I came to the end of writing this post.

If you wish to thank me in a monetary way for the time this took try here. Thank you for reading or at least looking. E.

Modest Classy Shawl Collar Dress Review

A beautifully feminine winter dress with long sleeves and a shawl collar, this pleated midi is very classy, fashionable and modest.

Please carefully look at our make to order size chart to ensure you have the right measurements as we will be making this dress especially for you and we want to ensure it is perfect.


My thoughts.

Winter dress. Perhaps, a tad bit thin for a winter dress, but under layers, over layers and of course where you live would play a role.

Pockets. There are no pockets. That isn’t much of a surprise. The style is a hard one to put reasonable pockets on without making the dress look odd. They do say that pockets can be added to any of their styles, so…

Sleeve length. One of the most important parts of a cuffed, long, sleeve is making sure that it is long enough to not catch on the forearms. I added an inch to what I thought would be my ideal length and I should have added at least a couple more.

Fabric. It said it is 100% linen. I found a section of the dress that I didn’t mind removing from the dress. (I don’t recommend doing this unless you are knowledgeable about dress construction) and burnt it. It burnt oddly. It also dampens oddly. Now I haven’t washed the dress yet (Scandalous! I know!), so part of me is wondering if it is some sort of waterproof coating. I’m interested in coming back to this topic after the dress has been worn more and washed and I’ve tested some other fabrics from MC.

My seamstresses are paid per piece they work on and so it depends a lot. They have their set price for each of my designs and they also have all my fabric with them. They tell me they are some of the best paid in their area in Vietnam but it still works out a lot cheaper than paying seamstresses in Australia. Unfortunately, if I had my seamstresses locally, my dresses would be hundreds of dollars for the time put into each of them. So, it works out well. Before Covid, I would go to work with my seamstresses in Vietnam from time to time to make sure all the designs were just right. We’ve developed a good friendship over the years. They are so talented!! I don’t make much profit yet as I am still very much growing the business but my goal from the onset has been to help ladies find modest beautiful dresses and so that’s where I get my satisfaction

Marie Claire

The Price and Where You Can Get One:

You can get it from Etsy, but it costs $30 more, so… That is where I first ran across it. I recommend buying straight from the store. It doesn’t look like much of a price difference, but the shop is in Australian dollars. Converted this dress cost me around $70, it’s a lot, but not as much as many.

I will be sharing more dresses I’ve found around the internet that are modest. Most of them are more expensive and not made with modesty in mind. Modest Classy is run by a Catholic lady, who clearly cares about many of the same things I do. We disagree on some beliefs, but I love the clothes, I love what how she is making the dresses, and so I thought I should start by sharing this.

This was a little expensive, so if you enjoyed it, if you want to see more, please. Share it. Buy me a Ko-fi.