An Interesting Change

Pa went out to check the mail. Of course there was a letter.Pa-checks-the-mail

Taking the letter he went back to the family. It related to all of them so he read it out loud.

You have been hired to entertain at We’ve Got Pockets. Today you can just explore, but next week it’ll be time to work. Your aids will be explained as they appear. Enjoy yourselves. E.

Ma: “Carrie is still eating breakfast, so we’ll stay here. Why don’t you take Mary and Laura and do some exploring.”


So Pa took the girls and went wandering off. Eventually they came to a crossroads and there was a map.


Pa: “Wow, well the mailbox is there and we were heading south so we are here.”

Mary: “Look Pa, there is a sewing spot. I guess Ma would like to know about that.”

Pa: “Mary, you go back and help Ma take Carrie to the sewing spot. Laura and I will go find the little house.”

Mary went back to Ma and told of their discovery.

Mary-tells-Ma-about-the-map Ma: “Come on lets go see what it looks like.”

After a short walk and a little climb.

Mary: “Ma, if I climb up to the storage tree house can Carrie come up too?”

Ma: “I suppose she can.”

Ma-finds-the-sewing-areaMary: “Ma, Ma there is a project up here. I’m bringing it down.”

Carrie: “Lookie, it’s a dress for Mary, do you think I’ll get one next.”

Ma: “Well so it is. The color is so bright you’d best only wear it for church or parties. –


-I wonder where Pa and Laura are.”

Pa: “Well Laura, this looks like it might be a lovely new home.”


What do you think? Was it fun? Next week will be a book review, so be ready to read what they think a dystopia.

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Introducing An Experimental Blog Series

For most of the past year I’ve had this blog, I haven’t really known what to do on Fridays. In this past month I’ve gotten an idea, but I haven’t gotten around to taking the pictures to start. But now I have. This is a variation on what I did as a much younger child.

Meet the Ingalls, my paper doll family. They star in plays and adventures with their friends, whom you will meet at later dates.

Sadly, Jack is missing.

Often they will be seen with their house in the background. But my computer, my bookshelf, the pfaff, and other such things will be fun props.

Are you interested?

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