A Fun Reminder

Last night it rained. I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think the rest of the USA is as wet as we are here in Eastern Kansas, but …

We look like spring. Or maybe Ireland. The natives are complaining about the fact that you have to mow, but my brother is more annoyed by the fact that the grass takes until noon to dry off and as soon as five thirty hit the dew is gathering again. The rivers are full, the floodplains are swamps, and the the only color other than green is the determinedly ripening grass.

Where was I going? Oh yeah, to last nights rainstorm. Just as I was considering getting ready for bed the rain that had been threatening all afternoon finally came. We went out to the porch and I decided to go further out. D was concerned that I would get hit by lightning.

But I went out anyway. I ran back and forth carrying five gallon buckets of water over to dump them in the ditch. After they were all empty I went and danced in the front yard ditch before deciding I was a bit tired and should probably head for bed.

It was only after I was in bed that my brain calmed down enough to think about what had happened. D was right. The lightning was pretty intense. Normally I would say it was dangerous to be out there. But several years ago a thought struck me, I was still a beginner swimmer and not at all comfortable in the water.

As a child of God I’m immortal until he calls me home.

That isn’t to say I can go jumping out of airplanes without a parachute. Rather that I won’t get struck by lightning or drown unless God has that in his plans for me.


2019, Summer Road Trip AKA Why I’ve Been Gone

Some of my readers and some people I read may have noticed I’ve not been online hardly at all these past ten days. Here is why.

I’ve been on a Summer Road Trip.


Two Thursdays ago we headed down to the Ozarks. There we picked up my eldest brother and drove to Maryland. (Lots of driving is unsurprisingly an important part of a summer road trip) Once there we discovered that there had been a tornado the night we were driving, but thankfully the wedding was still on.


We spent the weekend exploring the park, scrambling over downed trees, (this was a difficult hike “an important part of a summer road trip) helping out, and enjoying friends.



On Sunday we went to my oldest brother’s Oldest Brother In Law’s house and spent the night.



On Monday we drove up to see a very dear old friend of the family. (spending time with friends and family, very important to a summer road trip) After lunch and catching up we finished driving to P’s house. There it was decided that R should go back and take care of his kids, because his wife was sick,  sicker, and pregnant.

Tuesday was spent doing chores (Another of the most important parts of a summer road trip) I did four loads of laundry.

Wednesday we went to Letchworth State Park (The Number One State Park In America)


On Thursday, again with chores. In the afternoon a friend of P’s came over and we went to a park. While at that park, we went on a fairy house trail, which inspired me to write in my journal for the first time in over six months.


On Friday we drove to Niagara FallsDSC_0200


Then we continued on to Grand Rapids. And I went swimming in my new swimsuit for the first time.

Saturday we helped get the reception area ready, (helping out is yet another important part of a summer road trip) then after lunch was my youngest older cousin’s wedding. (On Mom’s side). We also helped clean up.

Sunday after church, we went swimming again. Then had a confusing bunch of groups wandering around.


Monday we drove home. Summer road trips can honestly come at any time of year, but they are most often done in summer. I plan on posting more pictures of the trip to my Instagram. Link should be on the right.

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Spring Snack.

It’s Cake and Ice Cream month according to an ancient journal entry into M’s journal. But I actually don’t have plans to talk about that today.

Pecans, Nut, Walnuts, Walnuts, Walnuts

Instead I plan on talking about my favorite early spring snack. I love berries in late spring. Tomatoes picked fresh off the vine in summer are the best. Pecans and other nuts in the fall are great for helping me feel like I’m eating enough calories to stay warm. In winter hackberries.

Pansy Redbud Bloom, Redbud, Flower, Pink

Spring is great. I can go outside and choose from a wide variety of plants what I want. From flowers, to wild garlic, to winter cress… But my favorite snack is easiest to get from a store. Spring Cabbage.

White Cabbage, Cabbage, Cabbage Leaves

I like to eat large chunks of it plain. It is okay cooked up. It isn’t bad in a slaw. But I prefer to simply cut off a slice a little bigger than my fist and eat it, layer by layer.

What is your favorite spring snack?


Ps I started to post this before it had a title. I gave it one, but I think it is boring.

Time To Hurry

This past week I went to visit my oldest brother and his family. Us girls spent most of our time making bridesmaid dresses. S and I did spend part of one morning posing by a waterfall.

I don’t know what I will wear to the wedding. I could borrow something. I could re-wear something. I could make something.

I also need to finish and photograph a shirt for my etsy shop. I have plans for another shirt. It would be fun to get a few 18th century pockets up on etsy.

I am supposed to be taking part of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Of course I also want to read books. Keep my blog going strong. Grow a little on Instagram. Help with the garden. Work on Hebrew, French, Irish, Korean, and Dutch.

Maybe I can finish all that I want to by the end of the month, but maybe it will take to just before the wedding, but I hope I can really get a lot done.



My Computer

A lot has happened to my computer since the last time I posted.

1. It has become officially mine and only mine. B who was technically sharing it with me got his own computer. It’s a black and red colored acer.

2. B has offered to upgrade it. I don’t know what all he plans on doing, but he mentioned getting rid of his side. I’m thinking I may ask him to do it next week. I want to have as few tabs up as possible.

3. The cord broke for the second time. My cord had finally broken for the first time about a week ago. (I hate my current cord, I been waiting for it to break for two years) B soldered it back together, but the solder quickly broke, due to the fact that it wasn’t really supported. (I was right in the middle of trying to figure out my Barnes and Noble order.)

Sorry for the lousy picture, but that is the end of my cord as it now is

I have a DELL. It is fancy. Along with the normal laptop mouse pad, it has a touch screen. It also has a pen and a middle of the keyboard mouse. Did I mention that the screen rotates and lies flat…

If you are not a geek why are you reading this post? I use Linux. I most commonly use Manjaro, but I also have Ubuntu. I hope to start switching back and forth between the two OS’s someday.


Music in My Family

My brothers are the family members that play the most music. We can all play instruments, but they are the ones who just put the music on and leave it.

R started it. He had a collection of songs that he would play with his slideshow screen saver or his fireworks screensaver. So in my mind when I hear the 1812 overture I see fireworks or pictures of when he went overseas.

The 1812

When we would go to P’s house and help him turn his living room into a movie theatre with surround sound. He would put on music and as we worked we would listen. Even when we were done for the day the music would continue.

Bless the Lord

And now B is doing it, it’s not super surprising his is the room with the speakers. Actually that is not true, the living room has speakers, but I hesitate to plug in my computer to use them.

I personally would play certain songs more often, but I am not the one playing the music. So if I want to hear the songs my other brothers gave me good memories of or anything else I have to use my own headphones.

A Piano is Stuck In The Door


Blog #100

Woke up at six forty, being glad I’m waking earlier.

Had breakfast around seven forty, then did memory. Couldn’t do breakfast dishes until later.

Shortly before ten we drove up to Sam’s club to get gas. Then we went to Napa to get new brake pads. It should have been super easy to do this, but the road had been completely torn up.

Got to the food pantry after most people had finished eating and had cornbread pizza. Had barely finished eating when the truck arrived. I then helped bag potatoes, plantains, and oranges.

I ran in a few circles filling carts, but quickly switched to unboxing things and moving crates.

Around three thirty I went to look at the random stuff that the food pantry gets. Nothing I found was interesting.

After four we came home. In the car we listened to “The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Perilous Journey”.

Wrote My One Hundredth Blog Post.