A Fun Reminder

Last night it rained. I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think the rest of the USA is as wet as we are here in Eastern Kansas, but …

We look like spring. Or maybe Ireland. The natives are complaining about the fact that you have to mow, but my brother is more annoyed by the fact that the grass takes until noon to dry off and as soon as five thirty hit the dew is gathering again. The rivers are full, the floodplains are swamps, and the the only color other than green is the determinedly ripening grass.

Where was I going? Oh yeah, to last nights rainstorm. Just as I was considering getting ready for bed the rain that had been threatening all afternoon finally came. We went out to the porch and I decided to go further out. D was concerned that I would get hit by lightning.

But I went out anyway. I ran back and forth carrying five gallon buckets of water over to dump them in the ditch. After they were all empty I went and danced in the front yard ditch before deciding I was a bit tired and should probably head for bed.

It was only after I was in bed that my brain calmed down enough to think about what had happened. D was right. The lightning was pretty intense. Normally I would say it was dangerous to be out there. But several years ago a thought struck me, I was still a beginner swimmer and not at all comfortable in the water.

As a child of God I’m immortal until he calls me home.

That isn’t to say I can go jumping out of airplanes without a parachute. Rather that I won’t get struck by lightning or drown unless God has that in his plans for me.

Music in My Family

My brothers are the family members that play the most music. We can all play instruments, but they are the ones who just put the music on and leave it.

R started it. He had a collection of songs that he would play with his slideshow screen saver or his fireworks screensaver. So in my mind when I hear the 1812 overture I see fireworks or pictures of when he went overseas.

The 1812

When we would go to P’s house and help him turn his living room into a movie theatre with surround sound. He would put on music and as we worked we would listen. Even when we were done for the day the music would continue.

Bless the Lord

And now B is doing it, it’s not super surprising his is the room with the speakers. Actually that is not true, the living room has speakers, but I hesitate to plug in my computer to use them.

I personally would play certain songs more often, but I am not the one playing the music. So if I want to hear the songs my other brothers gave me good memories of or anything else I have to use my own headphones.

A Piano is Stuck In The Door


Enjoyable Online Software

I would say that what I am writing about was an online game, but B assures me that a lot of my favorite computer games aren’t games. 😦 Admittedly I’ve only used this lovely piece of software for fun twice, but since I’ve only known about it for a week…

We used to have 3D Architect and I loved making houses. Floor Planner doesn’t have the fun ability to stretch the furniture, but I have matured and I no longer want a mile long bath tub.

The outline on the left is a reasonable approximation of the outline of the house we live in.

The house we currently live needs tearing down and then rebuilding, but as we are living in it that cant happen, So I’ve been working on coming up with a plan for how we can enlarge and upgrade the house in stages. But first I needed a blue print.

Last Sunday I went looking for online blueprint software and I came across a bunch of different ones. Some wanted my credit card number, some required adobe flash player, and Floor Planner just wanted my email so they could send me help.

The 3D version of the above

Might I suggest if you want to build a dream home, or maybe play around with your furniture set up you check out Floor Planner. It is super fun.

Can we call it a game anyways?


Of The Weekend Between January And February

The week/ten days around the switch from January to February has three important birthdays in it. It takes this honor from the beginning of April. I have a large family, there is plenty of opportunities to eat cake. Seriously if it isn’t an early or late birthday, it’s probably someone’s anniversary.

M is down taking care of my Grandparents, and we decided to give them a day to see how well they could do without her. So on Friday we went and picked her up, then we hurried over to R’s house. We after dinner and games, JH got permission to spend the night, from seven people. 🙂

On Sabbath, we spent much of the morning on the trampoline, practicing flips. After lunch when the rest of JH’s family got back we went out for a couple more hours. After we got tired there was games and Bible reading.

We had to leave super early Sunday morning because we thought we had to take Grandparents to church, but they had arranged transportation.

This whole story is meant to be a long segue into the fact that this past weekend took me back to my childhood. Kinda, we didn’t have a big trampoline. I mean I took all thoughts of fashion and told them, “I don’t have time for you, I’m to busy living life.” I enjoy fashion and beauty, but family, friends, and good times, mean more to me.

I’ve Not Been Inspired This Week

I’ve posted like once this week. (Weather Alert! Where I live it’s snowing. Yay! It’s coming down then blowing around so it looks really thick.) I’ve not been inspired to write about anything.

Here’s Why: I’ve been a little busy.

I’ve gotten back to practicing Hebrew, French, Irish, and Korean.

I’ve been helping take care of half bushel boxes of jalapenos and ginger.

I’ve agreed to review a book for a blog tour. (this is slow going it’s not really my type of read)

I’ve agreed to beta read a book that is supposed to go to the next step at the end of February.

I’m reading

1 book at the library,

1 kindle book

1 library book at home

3 ebooks

I’m working on setting up an etsy shop for D and me to use.

In addition to my normal life I’ve been looking into video editing, getting used to being back at home after a week with the grandparents, and dealing with the eight books I got in the mail. And this whole week has been just to warm for the ponds to freeze enough to walk on.

The picture is an old one of me back when we had goats. I miss Coriander so much.