2019, Summer Road Trip AKA Why I’ve Been Gone

Some of my readers and some people I read may have noticed I’ve not been online hardly at all these past ten days. Here is why.

I’ve been on a Summer Road Trip.


Two Thursdays ago we headed down to the Ozarks. There we picked up my eldest brother and drove to Maryland. (Lots of driving is unsurprisingly an important part of a summer road trip) Once there we discovered that there had been a tornado the night we were driving, but thankfully the wedding was still on.


We spent the weekend exploring the park, scrambling over downed trees, (this was a difficult hike “an important part of a summer road trip) helping out, and enjoying friends.



On Sunday we went to my oldest brother’s Oldest Brother In Law’s house and spent the night.



On Monday we drove up to see a very dear old friend of the family. (spending time with friends and family, very important to a summer road trip) After lunch and catching up we finished driving to P’s house. There it was decided that R should go back and take care of his kids, because his wife was sick,  sicker, and pregnant.

Tuesday was spent doing chores (Another of the most important parts of a summer road trip) I did four loads of laundry.

Wednesday we went to Letchworth State Park (The Number One State Park In America)


On Thursday, again with chores. In the afternoon a friend of P’s came over and we went to a park. While at that park, we went on a fairy house trail, which inspired me to write in my journal for the first time in over six months.


On Friday we drove to Niagara FallsDSC_0200


Then we continued on to Grand Rapids. And I went swimming in my new swimsuit for the first time.

Saturday we helped get the reception area ready, (helping out is yet another important part of a summer road trip) then after lunch was my youngest older cousin’s wedding. (On Mom’s side). We also helped clean up.

Sunday after church, we went swimming again. Then had a confusing bunch of groups wandering around.


Monday we drove home. Summer road trips can honestly come at any time of year, but they are most often done in summer. I plan on posting more pictures of the trip to my Instagram. Link should be on the right.

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I Considered Name Dropping

Name Dropping for those of you who don’t know, is when you mention someone famous or well known. I have a very strict policy of no name dropping at the moment on my blog, so the fact that I was writing a post in my mind that rotated completely around a name drop, was odd. To be fair it was a super well known name, but still it could drive traffic to my blog.

So on to the proposed blog post minus the name drop.

My mom’s side of the family is well known among our friends for a number of things, but one of the biggest is our love of vegetables. We love vegetables, so much in fact that sometimes we’ve joked that you aren’t a true member of the family if you don’t love all the vegetables or if you like lots of salad dressing.

If you were to invite us all to a picnic and ask us to bring a side, most of us would automatically bring carrot and celery sticks. (We’ve met up for picnics and the only thing we all have in common are carrot and celery sticks) Ask us to bring a side for a meal and we will show up with a veggie salad.

One time my siblings and I were at a party and ended up on the far side of the room from the vegetables. Our friends were opposite us, next to the vegetables and later told us that we looked super envious of their position.

It isn’t that vegetables are healthy, though that may play a small part, it’s that we had to eat them. And some were home grown heirloom. And we didn’t have to eat Georgia carrots raw.

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Admittedly if you ask our more extended family, we agree that vegetables actually don’t exist. Lettuce is a leaf. Cucumbers are fruit. Carrots are roots. Potatoes are tubers. Beans are legumes. Etc.

Bible Read-through 1

Sometime within the last couple of weeks I read an old blog post from somewhere, about how many Christians haven’t read the Bible from beginning to end.


I left a comment and thought I moved on. But out of my subconscious, came a memory of the very first time I had ever talked about reading through the entire Bible.

I was talking with D H1. (I call him H1 because I have another friend with the same first name and the same last initial)  It was one of many random discussions of startlingly deep topics that we had. I would guess we were around eight or nine.

We both claimed to have read the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. At the time my claim was a partial lie. I had read most of the Bible for myself. I had skipped a few sections here and there (mostly names).

But what I considered to count then and I still do know, was the fact that Dad read the Bible out loud to us after dinner. Every day after dinner and dishes Dad would read a chapter or two of the Bible, then we would sing. Then it was time for us younger children to go to bed.

Since then the traditions have changed a little, but we’ve gone through it many times. And I have read through the Bible properly more than once. I’m glad I was brought up hearing the Bible. I’m glad I was friends with people as passionate about Gods Word as I was. D H1 and I may have been strange children, but we are happy and blessed.

Time To Hurry

This past week I went to visit my oldest brother and his family. Us girls spent most of our time making bridesmaid dresses. S and I did spend part of one morning posing by a waterfall.

I don’t know what I will wear to the wedding. I could borrow something. I could re-wear something. I could make something.

I also need to finish and photograph a shirt for my etsy shop. I have plans for another shirt. It would be fun to get a few 18th century pockets up on etsy.

I am supposed to be taking part of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Of course I also want to read books. Keep my blog going strong. Grow a little on Instagram. Help with the garden. Work on Hebrew, French, Irish, Korean, and Dutch.

Maybe I can finish all that I want to by the end of the month, but maybe it will take to just before the wedding, but I hope I can really get a lot done.



Music in My Family

My brothers are the family members that play the most music. We can all play instruments, but they are the ones who just put the music on and leave it.

R started it. He had a collection of songs that he would play with his slideshow screen saver or his fireworks screensaver. So in my mind when I hear the 1812 overture I see fireworks or pictures of when he went overseas.

The 1812

When we would go to P’s house and help him turn his living room into a movie theatre with surround sound. He would put on music and as we worked we would listen. Even when we were done for the day the music would continue.

Bless the Lord

And now B is doing it, it’s not super surprising his is the room with the speakers. Actually that is not true, the living room has speakers, but I hesitate to plug in my computer to use them.

I personally would play certain songs more often, but I am not the one playing the music. So if I want to hear the songs my other brothers gave me good memories of or anything else I have to use my own headphones.

A Piano is Stuck In The Door