Four OS’s

The fact that I considered my actions on my computer to be slightly in limbo may not have been obvious, but for the past month it has been strange.

I complained to B. my younger brother, that my computer was acting strange. It suddenly went back to a boring background and plenty of other less noticeable things. So he promised that someday he would upgrade my OS’s and Partitions. OS’s are Operating Systems and Partitions keep files and software in different parts of the hardware.

So this past Sunday he finally had the time to do the upgrade and I had closed most of my tabs, so then it was a simple matter of making sure I was completely backed up.

B took my computer and he changed it greatly. I used to have two OS’s and a fairly lousy partition system. I haven’t fully explored it now, but in theory I should be able to access my files and history from all four OS’s.

Yes I have four OS’s.

The one I am most used to (and am using at the moment) Manjaro.

One I know nothing about, but the actual geeks seem to think is probably pretty great. MX Linux

MX-Menu icon pyramids

The one with the disappointing logo, Fedora.

And the one I got because I asked for one that was like an Apple computer, Elementary.

Being on the computer will be interesting in the next few weeks, but I don’t really care. I may be back with a follow up reviewing the OS’s I now have.

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My Computer

A lot has happened to my computer since the last time I posted.

1. It has become officially mine and only mine. B who was technically sharing it with me got his own computer. It’s a black and red colored acer.

2. B has offered to upgrade it. I don’t know what all he plans on doing, but he mentioned getting rid of his side. I’m thinking I may ask him to do it next week. I want to have as few tabs up as possible.

3. The cord broke for the second time. My cord had finally broken for the first time about a week ago. (I hate my current cord, I been waiting for it to break for two years) B soldered it back together, but the solder quickly broke, due to the fact that it wasn’t really supported. (I was right in the middle of trying to figure out my Barnes and Noble order.)

Sorry for the lousy picture, but that is the end of my cord as it now is

I have a DELL. It is fancy. Along with the normal laptop mouse pad, it has a touch screen. It also has a pen and a middle of the keyboard mouse. Did I mention that the screen rotates and lies flat…

If you are not a geek why are you reading this post? I use Linux. I most commonly use Manjaro, but I also have Ubuntu. I hope to start switching back and forth between the two OS’s someday.