Why I Don’t Miss Christmas

I don’t know how aware my readers are about what I believe. Either way, I should say that for the past ten years or so we haven’t celebrated Christmas.

Growing up I always knew that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. But none of us cared. Until Dad came across a website that was really well put together. It said that Jesus was just another sun god.


Dad reassured himself that the Bible is True, then mused to himself that our family wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas anymore. He mused out loud and Mom and A heard him and disagreed. Dad explained that one of the more common arguments for Jesus being a sun god was that his birthday was celebrated the same day as a number of sun gods.

So we didn’t celebrate Christmas that year.

Over the next year we more and more began to find out about the feasts in the Bible and celebrate them.

Which leads me to the reasons I don’t miss Christmas.

  1. It’s already over. After months of being excited and stressed over the day. It’s gone. just one day, two if you count Chrismas Eve, three if you  stretch it to Boxing Day. Biblical feasts, they can last up to eight days. That is more like a party.
  2. It’s so stressful. You have to make fancy foods. You can’t miss out on the parties. Gifts must be gotten for everyone. Concerts attended. Cards have to be sent out.
  3. It’s Not Biblical. As I mentioned in the long history I wrote, Christmas isn’t Biblical and I try to live my life as God Honoring as possible.

So there you have it. Part of me when I see the pretty lights and the gifts goes, “Oh, I want that, I miss that.” But a larger part of me is going, “No, I don’t.” Next year I think I’ll mostly quit social media come December, because I just feel to sad as I look at these things.


Faith In Fiction

Recently I’ve been reading lots of Christian fiction, and I’ve been struggling through a bunch of them, or I simply see them as childish.

This is compared to the two or three books, I’m currently in the middle of that the authors would not consider to be Christian. I am zipping through them.

I like the occasional Bible verse in a book, I like reading about people who pray, but more than that I like reading about families, about kindness. I like reading about people who help others. I like books that show faith, whether that is the authors plan or not.

Probably my favorite books are the ones where they show faith, but the stories are set in a time period that no matter how strong your faith was or wasn’t you went to church.

I can read the Bible anytime I want. And honestly super long prayers about fictional characters, is a little … uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts?

Spoiler Alert: The S Word

I finished a book this past Tuesday and (spoiler) I thought it was great. I plan on doing a full review on Sunday. I wrote a short five star review for it on Goodreads saying I thought anyone who could read and was interested should.


Then I remembered there is a small scene where the word sex is thrown around like five times. I thought  “drat, I bet most people would not like that scene,” so I added a comment to my review.


Then I thought about it some more. I finally came to the conclusion that any child old enough to read the Bible themselves. (especially if they have had most of the Bible read to them before) is old enough to read that book, because


There are certain scenes in the Bible that need no added dramatization from Hollywood to make them R rated.


Praying For The Known

By Known I mean celebrities.

In my family there are certain people and groups of people we pray for; Family, Friends, Missionaries, Persecuted Church, Israel, and Politicians. We don’t pray for Actors, Actresses, Talk show hosts, Ceo’s, etc.

This is sad, because these are people who are influencing are country and the world far more than Politicians.

I’ve recently decided to make it part of my life to pray for these people. Each week I choose a new Celebrity and I pray for them. I put them on my list of people to pray for and I pray for them.

I pray that they will learn about God. I pray that they will learn that the whole Bible is true. I pray that they will speak boldly about God’s Truth. I pray for their health. I pray for their family. I pray that they are given some privacy. I pray for the things I know nothing about.

Join me, and pray for those who need our prayers.

A Song, A Problem

This past spring while I was in India, I went to a youth group Praise and Worship night. At one point during the evening they started a new song, for the first thirty seconds I enjoyed it. Then I realized I heard heard all the lyrics in the song a bunch of times. The lyrics weren’t bad, they were only five words long.


Matthew 6:7 (KJV)

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

I froze and counted the lyrics run through six more times. I crossed my arms, stood perfectly still waiting for the song to end. After about forty five seconds of waiting a girl who was very much into the song noticed me. She came over and asked

“Can I pray for you?” I gave the automatic, good Christian, not really thinking about it, “Yes”. Truth be told I had been feeling the pressure of the Holy Spirit to go and pray for the others there, but… Fun Fact we share the same name.

So she prayed for me. It was only later that I began to really think about it and wonder if I should have maybe said no.

But I couldn’t have said no, if there is one thing you don’t do in youth group it’s to say no to an offer of prayer.

It was an awkward few minutes, but they really have made me think. What would you do?