It’s Not What It Sounds Like: Hail Merry’s

Recently I had the interesting experience of trying a couple Hail Merry snacks. The first ingredient may be Maple Syrup, but the chocolate ones aren’t sweet.

First off I tried the Chocolate Almond Butter Cups.


I would describe this as very interesting. The outer shell is almost unsweetened. The Almond butter layer almost certainly has no added sweeteners. Reports from some family members say that you can taste the maple syrup in the top layer, but I never noticed it.

I do enjoy the fact that these are all gluten free and vegan, but I do think that perhaps they should be a little bit clearer about the high calorie counts for the people who care about such matters.

More recently I tried the Dark Chocolate Bites.


These are a little more on the sweet side, but the most noticeable thing in my opinion was the color difference between the picture and the contents. It is like one of those Internet vs. Reality memes, but in reverse. They are so dark. The back of this packet says/said “Plus, they’re dehydrated slowly for a super moist, fresh taste.” I understand what they are trying to say, but I wouldn’t put it quite, that way. Dehydrating does not leave things moist except in very wet climates.

In case you were wondering, no they aren’t sponsoring me. I just ran across them and found it to be interested.

My Favorite Way To Eat Fruit

Aka My favorite fruit.

During my time in India I had a lot of conversations that are coming back to me and saying I want to be a blog post. This was one of them. The actual conversation was about our favorite fruit, I said peaches… At room temperature. Or fresh off the tree with a good friend eating one too and six bushels waiting to be paid for in the back of the van.

I come from Dixie.

The more I thought about it the more I wondered if what I told them was true. I’ve decided. It is, mostly. If you don’t count tomatoes.


I actually would rather eat any fruit that is at room temperature than a cold peach, unless it was frozen, that leads to a completely different ballpark.

Actually I like most things to be at least room temperature. It is the best way to eat cheese, or chocolate, fruit or salads.

So if you ever have me over please don’t chill the fruit, I’ll happily eat it, but I would rave about it if you had left it warm.