Attention All Followers

I plan on going through my followers and removing the ones that don’t actively do things for my blog. So Like this post. Leave a comment somewhere. Reblog something. I don’t care. For as much as I enjoy having nearly a hundred and fifty followers, most of them never do anything, so I don’t care about them.


Sudden Turn To Being a Math Blog

I just finished my 13th whole month of having a blog. That means I have a loop. Now I wasn’t going to write this post but I decided based on the numbers that finished off last month.

A year ago when I completed my first full month of blogging I got viewed 72 times. That is an average of 2 a day. I was very proud. So proud that this year I got these kind of corny screenshots.

But those aren’t the only strange screenshot’s I’ve gotten. Just this morning I caught my most recent stats and they changed it a little.

Yep. This month has given me the highest number of views ever by an average of 3 per day.

In the past year or so, I’ve gotten viewers from this alphabetical list of countries.

Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirate, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Or on this map.


My most popular day is Friday. It currently has nearly a quarter of my views.

The most popular hour is 9 pm. This has a little more reasonable 12% of my views.

I guess people like looking at my blog just before the weekend.

I hope to have a few changes coming to my blog soon. I would like it if such numbers continued and grew. But it isn’t about the numbers.

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Why I’ve Been Doing So Many Blog Tours (And Why You Might Want To Consider Doing A Few)

As my followers may have noticed, I’ve been doing lots of blog tours recently. Partly it is because I want to show my support for these cool people and their dreams, but it also goes deeper than that.


I love my blog. I love posting three or four times a week. Lately though I’ve been busy. Some of what has been making me busy is bloggable, but a lot isn’t. There just isn’t much I can say about, “so my computer is slightly crazy and every Monday for the past month I’ve been adding software” or “had to shorten my bed so my oldest sister could have a mattress” or “it’s been so wet everything has stalled”  and “preparing for a bunch of crazy summer trips” is simply exhausting.

Banner Three Month Tour

Also I’ve been having slight blogging burnout. Ideas start to come, but before I can get them written down they are gone. Or I’ll have a couple of good ideas about the same subject, but I can only post one at a time and by the next week I don’t care about that thought anymore.

Blog tour Dancer

So the blog tours have been giving me something set in stone to write about. They are showing off cool books. They give me a chance to connect with and share some of the bloggers I enjoy reading.

SA Blog Graphic

So I’m sorry. This isn’t a book blog. Books will only be on Fridays and some Tuesdays. As much as I love books and will continue joining in on blog tours, I don’t want to seem like that is all I’m doing. I don’t really have plans for what will be on my blog coming up, but it won’t be this barrage of blog tours.


Like I’ve said, blog tours are great. Especially if (like me) you feel like you might be nearing burnout. Or if your ordinary life will be getting super busy. Signing on as a spotlighter or an interviewer is easy. And then you’ll get a cool post you just have to edit.

Banner Three Month Tour

What have you thought? What do you think?

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I’ve Not Been Inspired This Week

I’ve posted like once this week. (Weather Alert! Where I live it’s snowing. Yay! It’s coming down then blowing around so it looks really thick.) I’ve not been inspired to write about anything.

Here’s Why: I’ve been a little busy.

I’ve gotten back to practicing Hebrew, French, Irish, and Korean.

I’ve been helping take care of half bushel boxes of jalapenos and ginger.

I’ve agreed to review a book for a blog tour. (this is slow going it’s not really my type of read)

I’ve agreed to beta read a book that is supposed to go to the next step at the end of February.

I’m reading

1 book at the library,

1 kindle book

1 library book at home

3 ebooks

I’m working on setting up an etsy shop for D and me to use.

In addition to my normal life I’ve been looking into video editing, getting used to being back at home after a week with the grandparents, and dealing with the eight books I got in the mail. And this whole week has been just to warm for the ponds to freeze enough to walk on.

The picture is an old one of me back when we had goats. I miss Coriander so much.



This Blog Is Brought To You By

Like every one I use a variety of services to bring my blog to you.

Most obvious is WordPress. Without WordPress I wouldn’t have a blog and if it had taken more to sign up than just my email address I still probably wouldn’t have a blog. I greatly enjoy WordPress.

WordPress Desktop Icon

This blog is brought you from P…….. City Library, though technically it is a district library now… I come here most week days and write up my post. Yay for internet.

Library Signs | Liabrary Door Signs

It is also brought to you by T-Mobile, our family has used it for years. During the weekends and in the morning I use the hot spot for checking other blogs, keeping up with comments, and writing the occasional post.

T-Mobile and Windows Phone - Everything you need to know!

The photo edits are thanks to Krita, my favorite free digital picture editing software. It is easy to use and has fun options.

Krita Logo

I also think this blog is partially because of A my oldest sister, without her encouragement I doubt I would have had the courage to actually sign up.

And I want to give a final thanks to my photographer M. She’s great.

Blog # 50

October/ 26/ 2018/ 3:35pm Lat. Same Long. Same

ccording to the page counter today is my fiftieth post, this is super exciting.

I woke up a little earlier this morning, but had a lay in. After getting up I had a tolerable breakfast of oatmeal. As soon as breakfast was  over we did family memory work.

I washed the breakfast dishes, then restarted my  computer. I caught up on all the blogs I follow.

Around nine I went on a twenty minute hunt for my wallet, since I couldn’t find it I went with mom as a passenger to the Mennonites. Halfway there we realized we were low on gas, so we went all the way to town to get some. Upon seeing how different the gas station looks, we figured it had been at least a year and a half since we had last been there.

We got to our first planned stop and then the truck of bulk food drove up. (the bulk food company is Joe Smith, look it up) After getting our peanuts from there, we drove to the produce shop and got two bushels of apples and four squash. It was cold so I put on my new coat. The produce shop will close soon.

Just before we turned onto the main road home, we saw that there was a “wet paint” truck stopped in our lane. We went around it. A mile or so later we came upon the actual painters. Half a mile later they stopped on the top of a hill so we couldn’t pass. When they restarted they were going a little faster. Eventually we came to a place where we could pass them, which we did.

By the time we got home D had started lunch. I went and did some reading. After lunch I read some blogs I plan to follow and finally got around to posting the book I plan to write for Nanowrimo. “Aleah Ash”

At two I went and had a shower to get ready for Sabbath. When I got out I cut up vegetables for tomorrows lunch. I was almost done when M got out of the shower, she is wearing her new skirt. We got is second hand from Salvation Army, but we looked up the tag (Ralph Lauren) on it to see how expensive it would be new and couldn’t find it. Based on similar things though it costs at the very least $300.

I finally came to the library and wrote up today’s post.