Silk: Online

My dearest and only younger brother is great. Though he disagrees with me as to what is a computer game he knows my tastes and therefor gave me a delightful recommendation.


I am at the moment considering using this website/app to make a bunch of graphics for my blog. Should I?


Oh, wait, I nearly forgot, you want me to tell you where to find it. It’s Here.


I will say that it is easier to use with a touch screen. But my computer has one so that doesn’t impact me much.


It’s also super easy to use. I have it always up on my internet browser and my two darling little nephews both know how to use it. They both like my computer but this is one part of it that they argue over.


What else is there to say? It’s fun. It is really easy. Best of all it takes no skill to make cool looking art. Gorgeous prints.


Check it out. It shouldn’t take long, then you can tell me how much fun it is.


I’ve used all sorts of lines to make pictures. From straight to words. Letting go at random to trying controlled curves.

A yellow and purple plaid with with white writing saying "leave a comment"

Enjoyable Online Software

I would say that what I am writing about was an online game, but B assures me that a lot of my favorite computer games aren’t games. 😦 Admittedly I’ve only used this lovely piece of software for fun twice, but since I’ve only known about it for a week…

We used to have 3D Architect and I loved making houses. Floor Planner doesn’t have the fun ability to stretch the furniture, but I have matured and I no longer want a mile long bath tub.

The outline on the left is a reasonable approximation of the outline of the house we live in.

The house we currently live needs tearing down and then rebuilding, but as we are living in it that cant happen, So I’ve been working on coming up with a plan for how we can enlarge and upgrade the house in stages. But first I needed a blue print.

Last Sunday I went looking for online blueprint software and I came across a bunch of different ones. Some wanted my credit card number, some required adobe flash player, and Floor Planner just wanted my email so they could send me help.

The 3D version of the above

Might I suggest if you want to build a dream home, or maybe play around with your furniture set up you check out Floor Planner. It is super fun.

Can we call it a game anyways?


My Etsy Shop Is Open

D and I have finally gotten a couple of items up.

Depending on popularity D will keep making her art. This is the only option to get right now.


Any clothes items will be unique. Most of them will be made by me! Currently the only thing have have good enough pictures to sell is this crazy skirt.


I need to add an edit to tell how long it is. I’ve not gotten very far on any of the other details of setting the shop up yet, but you can check it out by following this link.