Wardrobe Dreams

When ever it was I wrote about Wardrobe Plans. They are sensible things that frequently get mixed up with wardrobe dreams.

I love wardrobe dreams. They are very impractical. It’s when you see something and you love, but you don’t know where in the world you would where it. If you wore it to a wedding they would accuse you of trying to outshine the bride.

These are things you would only wear to a dress up party. Or to a super fancy formal event. Or maybe some historical or cultural event.

These lists can be cool, pointless, and fun. Here are a few items on my list:

Traditional Korean Hanbok. They have full wrap around silk skirts.Korean Hanbok dress shop | Hanboksarang

Most things from Armstreet. Okay I would actually wear their clothes in everyday life if I could afford it.

Frye Boots. Honestly I’d almost never wear them and they cost a lot, but …