After ten posts I’ve decided to finally say what one of the reasons I’ve started this blog is. So for a very long time I’ve been thinking I should be more of a presence on the internet, rather than just a silent viewer. I thought for a long time that it would be a proper website (still want to do it) or a Youtube channel (eventually maybe), but never really a blog,

But this past year I started really feeling like God has been suggesting I start a sewing business. Sew with some small suggestions from my family and their encouragement and help, slowly this is becoming a reality.

But part of starting a sewing business like I am working on is advertising, hence the blog, with the name of my future online store. (I decided to start with the blog, because I thought it would appeal to my inner child who has no time for fashion, by giving me the ability to w r i t e about other things.)

Other things that catch my interest (and are uploaded already)

To be perfectly honest I want the money from this venture so I can travel, to Israel, visit my friends, our family history spots, and the rest of the world too.

Also there will be a small change on what I post when. I will now post about my faith on Thursdays instead of on Sundays, because we don’t have internet at home, we have to go to the library or use a hot spot. Also Sundays can be super busy. And I prefer to post about Science and History after I’ve had an amazing experience with one of them and right now that is not happening. Sorry.


I’ve started getting my profile up, check it out.

An Orange Skirt

A short while ago I finished making a skirt out of the orange fabric I got for myself in India. Look at the lovely bottom edge.DSC_0820

For the record because I am not sure it you can tell from the later pictures I used the edging on the left as the right side, but it would be easy enough to change if I decide that I preferred the more glossy side.

It is made of three rectangles, one for the skirt pleated to size and one for the waist band.dsc_0822.jpg

Sorry about the threads I am awful at trimming them.

The final rectangle was used on the only pocket. I hope the picture shows it off. I love pocketsDSC_0828

And here are some pictures of the complete project that should also give some idea of the length. Maybe next week I can finally get some pictures of the projects I have posted about so far.

I think the closeup of the waist band is the picture that shows the color best.

I’ve mentioned that P. was moving to get his PhD., but what I didn’t say  is he is in the Air Force. While I was there I fixed a pair of his jeans in return for a pair of his worn out pixilated camo pants.DSC_0818

I’ve wanted some fabric like this for over five years to make Strider (nickname Wingfoot), some fatigues.


strider bear
This is Strider

Sorry about the super lousy cell phone image, but I didn’t have time to actually pull it out of storage. It is one of the American Girl 100 year anniversary bears, dressed in US Air Force dress blues with fatigue boots. They had no fatigues and no nice dress shoes hence the oddity. I’m really looking forward to this project.

My other recent addition to my sewing list is dealing with this.DSC_0831

Also very exciting.

Feel free to tell me if

A you know while Strider has that nickname and why it is funny


B you know what the last picture is

A Fond See You

This past week I’ve been in Albuquerque NM

My brother P. is moving to Rochester to get a PhD at RIT, so we went to help him get his house ready to go on the market.

P. has been there for the past 3+ years and we have several relations in the area. It will be very sad to have much less reason to go out there.

The featured picture is one my sister A. took one summer we were there. God made NM beautiful and I hope that someday my brother moves back.

Resurrection By Dying

So when I was coming back from India I brought with me some turmeric, ginger, and chili powder. Now as it so happened the TSA officials in Chicago decided that the turmeric was Highly Suspicious and so they cut open the bags to test what was inside. They discovered it was perfectly safe, but by that time I had two open bags of turmeric. For some reason the only thing they had to seal up the bags was tape.dsc_0772.jpg

But the one bag was still letting out turmeric every time it was bumped, so they gave me a couple of the blue gloves they wear so as not contaminate everything, to put the turmeric in.

But it leaked anyway, most of where it leaked to didn’t matter, but it did leak on one of my favorite shirts.


So this morning I finally decided to do something about it, so I went outside and got the shirt wet from the pump because I thought it would probably be softer than tap water.dsc_0770.jpg

Next I sprinkled on more turmeric.dsc_0773.jpg
And then I rubbed it in til it looked mostly the same color.


My mom came by just then and told me I should rinse it in salt water and she gave me Morton’s Pickling and Canning Salt. I pumped more water into a bucket and added a little more turmeric and about a quarter cup of salt.


After rinsing I had a bucket with salty water in it that I didn’t know what to so with. So I went and grabbed a poly-cotton skirt M wants to make a computer bag out of and dumped it in.
Sorry for the horrible picture up right know the only camera with batteries is the family’s Nikon so I couldn’t focus.DSC_0784
Shortly before we left to go help out the food pantry as we do every Tuesday, my shirt looked like this.


At some point I’ll be sure to get a nice picture of me wearing it.