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The Final Day

Over night it clouded up, but the girls still rose fairly early and trotted past me up the hill to get signal for the phone. They came back and went inside. They got breakfast and cleaned up from the sound of it, for the window of the house was open, then went past me up the hill again.

Esther and M had been gone for a little while when it began to rain. About five minutes later they came up behind me and I could see them in my rear view mirrors hiding under a tree. Then they came dashing past me and went into the house.

They had some tea before they next went out. That time they were gone for quite a while and when they came back they didn’t go immediately inside. M got her computer out of me and Esther stopped to pick some lettuce as it was lunch time. Around two they went out for the last time. They talked of going again, but decided not to (to their later regret). I wondered why they didn’t go in me.

Then H and B drove up and went inside for a bit. Soon they had brought most of their stuff back in me and we drove off back to town. We stopped to greet R and the niephlings, before going on to a pretty Mexican restaurant. After a meal, my passengers came back out and Esther was asking the neiphlings if they wanted to come home with them. None did.The remaining journey was usual.

This is the end of a small series. I may do more like it in the future. Here are the first two if you were confused



This is my two hundred and fiftieth post. I try to do a day in my life for such numbers and I thought I’d share a Tuesday, as they tend to be interesting.

It started like any day, rise, eat, chores, computer chores, loose track of time. At 10:20 I started getting ready to go volunteer at the food pantry. It’s the first Tuesday of the month so we bring food to our nearest food pantry. As we currently have only one vehicle, we had all been going home when the the food went. Recently there’s been alot to do at the pantry and not enough volunteers, so mom decided to abandon us siblings there and pick us up at the end.

We got to the pantry just as the semi was parking, so B pulled around and we went in the main doors. Usually we have time to eat, but there was a different driver, so we had lunch standing up. About a month ago, Mr R had knee replacement surgery, so he trained B how to place the pallets of food.

After lunch we had to bag corn on the cob and tomatoes (some of them were hairy) Because the truck had come so early and there were only a couple of things to bag, we had nothing to do by 1:00. I was so grateful I’d remember to grab a book.

At ten to two, we begin loading shopping carts to be emptied into the cars of the customers. Then we were circling the room until 3. Then I was called to stop and bag more corn. Things really slacked off at about 3:30 and I mostly went back to my book.

At four we packed up what food was left and now we are on our way home (surely goodness and mercy)

This Week

This week kinda got a bit away from me, to the best of my knowledge I’m the only one to have completed the 50^50 challenge so I’m happy with the dancing I did as a prize, but that is boring. To bad about Katja and Sarah.

I was going to get M to take pictures of a skirt I finished. I’ve wanted pictures of it for ages, but she refused. I thought about doing an OOTD of it, but as I’ve made the skirt I want to properly introduce it first.

Meanwhile I’ve been spending each evening doing stamps. I hope to be done with this drawer by the end of June

As you can tell in the picture I’m about half way done. And before you tell me that clearly I’m shoving the stamps together I assure you. That was how it was when I started. The envelopes in front are the most recent collection of the ones going to be sold for my aunts and uncle.

I’ve been sewing a little, I just finished a project I tried to hard on. Next I might do a full version of a little mock up I have, but I might do some more finishing first.

I’ve a three part baking thing planned and that will be exciting.

Ramblings 2

I don’t remember what take one of this post was like, but, today I want to talk about distractions, painful situations, and what is keeping me busy.

Recently I’ve gotten back to exercising more. Yay! I’ve also restarted memorizing chunks of the Bible. Yay! I’ve also restarted writing Containsia and working on it’s world building. Yay! We are finally getting around to sorting out Grandpa’s loose stamp collection. Yay! I’m currently reading two books and trying to tell myself that I need to finish a third.

The US isn’t doing well. Not that the rest of the world is much better. Meanwhile the pressures to earn a living haven’t decreased. (why do people complain about some pressures and not others. People are nuts.)

I’m currently working on three sewing projects, but that is fine. My wardrobe is running out of room, that is less fine. I don’t know how to sell my sewing for a fair price for everyone involved. I sent a couple of emails to fashion YTs that like small businesses, but I’ve heard nothing back which means I told them to much and not enough (if you ask my brain). I could try to get a costuming job. The one is short term, which is nice, but it would be over some important moments so… The other is described as a career on the website and I’d have to move…

The pressure is on and how can I stand it,
I feel it pushing both left and right,
The pressure is on, Give me strength Father,
To work through the day and the night.

The pressure to stay and live with at home,
I don’t want to do it but if I must,
The pressure to grow and to become better,
To go out and to give God my trust.

The pressure is growing each day and hour,
I wish that this matter was clear,
The pressure is growing one can not hide,
To act and let God take my fear.

Esther Jackson

Advice, prayers, and help are all appreciated.

How I Learned To Swim

A Memoir Chapter

Personal Water Rankings

  1. The Ocean. Yes, it has sharks and jellyfish, but at least the beaches in NC ans SC rarely fuss much with lifeguards and are warm.
  2. Mountain Streams. “O Pocket, I love you. I have since I’ve been.” The rapids. The deep pools. Perfection.
  3. The One Swimming Pool I Went To In India. This could rate it’s own blog post. I adored it and want a pool like it.
  4. Mountain Lakes. The freedom.
  5. Dammed Rivers. Some may be hot, some may be cold. Some with a current, some super still.
  6. Hotel Pools. Sneaking in “late” at night. Going out of my depth with my sister. Feeling rich.
  7. Flowing Rivers. Floating out of sun and into shade. Loosing track of the depth of the water.
  8. Forest Creeks. The murky sun dappled water. The fear of Water Moccasins. The slick mud and slimy leeches. The beaver dams to swim above.
  9. Private Pools And All Other Pools. I’m sorry, but they are cold, they have warnings all over the place. I just don’t like most of them.

I know this is a post about swimming, but I would be remiss to skip mentioning perhaps the best water to play in. The stuff that falls from the sky. I love dancing in the rain and splashing through the puddles.

A Bit of my history with Swimming

My family is drawn to water like moths to a flame.

The earliest attempts to teach me to swim were cancelled when skinny me got too cold to fast. I hated that.

Next my aunts tried to teach me in lakes. I wish I had learnt then and evenback then I wished I knew.

After that we discovered a deep spot in the creek a couple miles behind our house. I spent several afternoons trying my best to learn how to swim.

Meanwhile! Ever since I learned to read, I’ve been reading the encyclopaedias on how swim.

Life moves on. I still can’t swim. We have another family reunion. My cousins have grown and are learning to swim. They place we stay at has a mountain stream in the back and we spend most afternoons there.

The Thoughts And The Moment of swimming

I pray that my relationship with God is always growing and improving. That summer I realized that I am temporarily immortal. Until God calls me home, I’m not dying.

So as I tried to sit on a rock about six inches down in the water catching my cousin as she swam down to me, I decided “I can’t drown. If I put my stomach over this rock, I can’t even hardly dunk myself.” So I did so and practised my strokes.

I went no where. The current was to strong. But I stayed where I was and I was happy.

Since Then

Since then most summers I’ve gotten a chance to swim at least once. A couple summers later I began to try to swim on my back and turn myself over in the water. That summer I wasn’t super successful, but now I’m on all sides.

I’ve gotten way more confident and last summer I came in third on the back race. I need more practice, especially with under water swimming, but I can swim and if God wants me to drown, I will.

Why I’m Writing this now

So it’s March. While we may be starting to plan the summer events now is not really the time for online swimming advice, right? A couple of things. Now is a great time to start breathing and strengthening exercises. I try to. But also the spring KDWC has opened and we were talking swimming skills. I mentioned my history and they enjoyed it. This week took a lot out of me and I’m trying to post more frequently to here so I thought I should share the full story, so we can all remember,

It’s not the water that is holding you up, it’s God

Esther Jackson