Nanowrimo Update: Two Weeks Left

As I had no idea how to title this update I decided why not go with a statement of fact. If you want to check out the past couple of updates this is last weeks and this is the first.

You may have noticed that there were no blog posts at all this week. I had four or five planned but they all fell through, due to bad internet connection, lack of time, lack of resources, and a general not wanting to. Also, the one I wanted to do on Friday I want to check with a friend before I post it as it could be seen as a little mean…

Oh, yeah this is a Nano update. Let me remember:

es 1 Oh wait that is to far back in the past. Just this past week will do.

Sunday, I didn’t do super well, but I had to work for five hours so that was fine.

Monday, I was supposed to do really well on Monday, but I got accused of something I hadn’t done and it really hurt. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and I couldn’t write.

Tuesday, the after-effects of Monday were still reverberating through my mind, I also spent the day volunteering so I got little more than two hundred words written.

Wednesday, I had to work for a few hours and cook dinner, but I got more than two thousand words written.

Thursday, I had five hours of work that I spent making a cute scene for the library. I only got a couple thousand words written.

Friday. I was babysitting, so I only got a couple hundred words written in the morning. I had to quit writing a bit before five so I could help get ready for Sabbath as I make a point of not writing on the Sabbath.

Saturday, I was able to get a bit over a thousand words written after supper even though Mom was reading aloud a book to us. I hope to do better than that author, who I will not mention, but if you really want to know I did just add the book to Goodreads, so… Do with that knowledge as you will.

Next week should be calmer and so I hope to be able to get ahead as I am will be spending the last week of the month traveling to see family.

Now for a snippet

would switch which arm I was carrying it with at the end of every mountain.

I understood as I walked with the shield why soldiers at least would see the Jaars Mountains as dreadfully treacherous. The large size of the kite shield makes walking over the rough terrain absolutely horrible. I had to lift it up over this, while watching the top to make sure any of the weapon catchers didn’t catch on a branch. Meanwhile the sword was acting as a loose limb that doesn’t even bend.

For two half mountains I tried carrying the sword in my opposite hand as well. That was a little easier in some ways, but the lack of rest of either arm was too much and I had to quit. Dunnos was sympathetic but he enjoyed the fact that because of my weapons we were forced to walk at a speed he could keep up with even in cat form. Sam was impatient with the speed

It’s a classic horrible snippet, but things are starting to get exciting. If you’ve been following my Ko-fi account, you may have run across ****, he has a name now, it’s Bill.

I have been eating cabbage as my snack, it’s been lovely.

I hope I’m not going to light on the descriptions it took me until page 27 to mention the fact that the main character is ambidextrous and that is the only thing you know about him. Or anyone, except Dunnos and Sam.

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My story is weird. Okay?

Pallet Furniture Sustainable Tuesday

When you are a small time, cheap, or green DIYer you will eventually run across the idea of making things from pallets. Most often is the classic headboard, but chairs and tables are also popular.

Today I’m starting a three part series on my pallet furniture making experience.

Most projects will start with the most obvious of steps.

Dismantle your pallets.

But how????

Slowly and (hopefully not) painfully.

First off you need a good selection of tools. I suggest:

A claw hammer, a pry bar, a pair of pliers/dull wire cutters.

Next you need to know how to use the tools. Most of them are pretty simple but it’s the pliers that I think deserve a mention. In case any of the nails lose their heads you use the pliers to pinch the nail right at the board and pull it out. If it sticks try an different angle.

Next I suggest spending a moment studying your pallet. If there are parts you want to keep, yay. If there are boards that will come out easier. Yay.

Third you need to accept that the nails might be junk. They were put in with a really powerful nail gun, you might not be able to reuse them.

Finally a semi helpful tip. If you put the pry bar in on the side of the board, the board is much more likely to crack, so go in from the ends.

Odds And Ends About Containsia

So I’m not going to torture you by posting “The Annals Of Trade“, but as I’m writing a high fantasy novel for Nano, I thought I would share some of the world building and other crazy stuff. If you want a tiny bit of background look at my Nano 20 Questions Tag.

Chapter 1 Attempt 1

A boy strode through the forest.

The Featured Image is the Containsian Alphabet. It is properly known as the batid. Pencils have two points.

“The poor can be richer than the rich if they have peace.”

“Sam” will be the name of my baby dragon for the whole of the first book. Later on he will gain three longer, more pretentious, and meaningful names.

Chapter 1 Attempt 2

Peson sat in the By eating a meal when the door opened and one of his best friend’s came in, Zimran.


Onontets are queer type of being. Their heads are in the shape of a clove of garlic and their ears are like Lecran ears. Onontets are artists. Some of them work with visual arts, some work with audible arts, some work with textile arts, and some work with growing arts. The ones that work with visual arts are called Feg Onontets, the ones that work with audible arts are called Fet Onontets, the ones that work with textile arts are called Fep Onontets, and the ones that work with growing arts are called Ba Onontets. Another type of Onontet is the Fegfep onontets.

The Batid, Chant

Bab, Tat, Dad, Faf, Gag,

Hah, Jaj, Waw, Zaz,

Yay, Mam, Sas, Nan, Pap,

Rar, Kak, Lal, Vav.

A year varies in number of months and starts when the first peach shipment arrives in Hibroolby.

Chapter 1 Attempt 3

He stood by Sam´s side as he listened to the questioning ceremony.*

*Side Note, but this may be my favorite of the attempted beginnings.

The smallest Containsian unit of length is the Toe. The toe is the length of a big toe, about one and a half inches long.

“Rules and laws were made to ensure everyone has the best possible time, breaking them makes someone else feel bad.”

Rice and maize are the most common grains of Containsia.

Chapter 1 Attempt 4

At the bottom of a cliff sat a boy, behind him stood an old man and stag.

I thought I had another beginning of a chapter written on paper, but I can’t find it. So I’ll end this rather odd post here.

Sustainable Tuesday: Unsustainable Things

In honor of Nanowrimo being next month I thought I would take today to write as many words as possible even though I’m tired. I’m starting at 5:47.

Speaking of Nanowrimo, if you followed me because of it, I will be posting updates on Sundays.

So the title of this post is because I thought why not talk about things that I find unsustainable and why I think that.

1 : My blog…

A. Yes. Sadly with Nanowimo coming up my blog will be hard to sustain. Don’t worry I’ll still be posting as normal.

B. I have started working on Thursdays. I may have a job on most Wednesday’s and some Fridays. And hopefully soon I’ll be housekeeper of an Air BnB. So my habit of writing the post just before I publish them is starting to get unsustainable.

2 : Makeup.

A. My wallet can’t afford any makeup. Especially the super nice, sustainable, kind. My skin is mostly clear and so I don’t care.

B. If you ask me about Sunscreen I have opinions on that subject that could be a blog post by themselves.

3 : Movies and Shows

A. Having a TV. It can really eat up your time. Even if you have it on for background noise, I find that the visuals are super distracting. Play some music or get an audio book instead.

B. Going to the Movies. Not only do you have the cost of the ticket, but often people make a special trip. If you must go, don’t get a snack, I’ve heard that movie theatre popcorn is one of the most expensive things you can buy per once.

4 : Having food made for you

A. Visiting restaurants. Maybe my mom is a good cook. Maybe I have annoying dietary restrictions. But often when I visit a restaurant I come home thinking I could have easily made something just as good for less money. Sometimes I feel like I could have even done better. So why eat out.

B. Having food delivered. This has all the problems of the visiting a restaurant, but now you also have a lot of trash and maybe dishes to wash. Yeah, no.

C. (Yay finally a C) Buying prepared food. There is really no occasion to buy pre-prepared. It is either more expensive and keeps less long. Or it doesn’t taste as good. Or is full of really odd chemicals. Except for granola, fruit, chia, nut, etc. bars (these can be a bit difficult to make) everything is simple enough to make at home.

5 : Not Being educated.

I don’t mean you must go to college and get a degree. I mean do you due diligence. Learn all you can about things before you start talking about doing them. If you want to get solar power, make sure you have enough money to pay the massive start up costs. If you want to go vegan, make sure to know what you need to eat. Just be educated, your degree doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you know.

I’ve written just over 500 words and it is now 6:14, I think this bodes well for next month. If you have actually read through all my ramblings, thank you. That is so nice. I don’t know why you did so if you wouldn’t mind leaving me a comment explaining I would be grateful.

Awhile ago I mentioned changes would be coming to my blog. So far they are pretty minor, but I’ve seen them. To be honest I don’t know how I want my blog to change. I’ve cut down on how many people are following me. I may be putting together a little giveaway soon.

It’s not really been mentioned on here, but I’ve recently started a booktube channel and so that will be cutting down on my free time. I have fairly big sewing plans this month. I’m re purposing so much fabric. And yeah, work exists.

Looking forward to not getting any comments.

But for those crazy people who may be still interested I’m now at 6:22 and a word count of 676.



Side question how much would you pay for a super awesome sustainable Blue Jean Skirt?

Titles Are To Important

I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I plan on posting more about it on Sunday.

I’ve acquired a Ko-fi account. I’m still setting it up but I thought you should know.

I’ve posted a video to IGTV and since you can only watch it on a smart phone, I posted the video to YouTube as well. But wait, before you go over to my Instagram to watch it I must tell you something. I have two Instagram’s. The one on my blog is more for my blog, it’s about sewing and my normal life. The video is on my other account, my bookstagram. If you want to see my bookish self check out @authors.ace.

If you are wondering where the Ingalls are, they are waiting for it to be dry enough for me to remember to take them outside to go a camping trip. I may not mind camping out in the rain myself, or even taking a book out into the rain for a quick photo, but my paper dolls are super precious.

Randomness Award

Because Why Not? (And I’m A Bit Random)



  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Then you must answer the questions that the person who nominated you, asked.
  • Finally you must nominate 5 people and ask them 10 questions.

Many thanks to Ariana for nominating me

Do clowns scare you?

No, but I’ve never seen a real one.

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

Elanor? That’s what I sometimes get called.

Would you rather be a unicorn or a mermaid/merman?

A mermaid. It is a proven fact that water is a huge draw for my family.

What is your favorite number?

42. It’s the meaning of life.

What are some of your favorite words to say?

Electrolier, Gasolier, Peregrinations.

Do you journal?

Yes. I just started Bullet Journaling, but I’ve had a regular journal since I was six.

Do you consider yourself an over-thinker?

Yes. Definitely.

Are you a free-style or a planner?

Both, Somethings are just best well planned, but who knows what I’ll be doing next month. (Actually I do know, but that is beside the point)

What is your least favorite thing to do?

Recently I’ve been hating clearing the table after meals.

Here are my questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about your room?
  2. What is your favorite item of clothing?
  3. What book do you never talk about, but really like?
  4. Why is the moon made of green cheese?
  5. Why are chairs so rarely comfortable?
  6. Would you rather be a movie star or a politician?
  7. Would you rather eat only cheese as protein for the rest of your life or only meat?
  8. Can you recognize any airplanes by sound?
  9. Can you touch your toes?
  10. Do you like reading?

I nominate.

Invisibly Me.





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Introducing An Experimental Blog Series

For most of the past year I’ve had this blog, I haven’t really known what to do on Fridays. In this past month I’ve gotten an idea, but I haven’t gotten around to taking the pictures to start. But now I have. This is a variation on what I did as a much younger child.

Meet the Ingalls, my paper doll family. They star in plays and adventures with their friends, whom you will meet at later dates.

Sadly, Jack is missing.

Often they will be seen with their house in the background. But my computer, my bookshelf, the pfaff, and other such things will be fun props.

Are you interested?

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