Attention All Followers

I plan on going through my followers and removing the ones that don’t actively do things for my blog. So Like this post. Leave a comment somewhere. Reblog something. I don’t care. For as much as I enjoy having nearly a hundred and fifty followers, most of them never do anything, so I don’t care about them.


Sudden Turn To Being a Math Blog

I just finished my 13th whole month of having a blog. That means I have a loop. Now I wasn’t going to write this post but I decided based on the numbers that finished off last month.

A year ago when I completed my first full month of blogging I got viewed 72 times. That is an average of 2 a day. I was very proud. So proud that this year I got these kind of corny screenshots.

But those aren’t the only strange screenshot’s I’ve gotten. Just this morning I caught my most recent stats and they changed it a little.

Yep. This month has given me the highest number of views ever by an average of 3 per day.

In the past year or so, I’ve gotten viewers from this alphabetical list of countries.

Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirate, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Or on this map.


My most popular day is Friday. It currently has nearly a quarter of my views.

The most popular hour is 9 pm. This has a little more reasonable 12% of my views.

I guess people like looking at my blog just before the weekend.

I hope to have a few changes coming to my blog soon. I would like it if such numbers continued and grew. But it isn’t about the numbers.

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Mini Reviews Of My 4 OS’s

Some readers of my blog may remember about a month and a half ago I talked about the upgrade my computer got, giving me four operating systems to choose from. I said I wanted to do mini reviews and here they are.

Manjaro is the OS I had been using before the upgrade. It seems to me that it is very similar to Windows 8 in ease of use. Manjaro wants things to be upgraded every few days, but it makes it easy to do.

Fedora was the second one I tried. It seems to have less apps available. Also it was while I was using Fedora that I noticed my computer refusing to even acknowledge that there was wifi available so… It took a while for me to get used to Fedora.


Elementary was the one I got to have an OS like a Mac. As I’ve never used an Apple computer, this was hard to get used to. For the most part I’ve enjoyed Elementary, but the most recent time I logged on it had the problem mentioned above.

MX-Menu icon pyramids

MX, the one I’m on at the moment of writing. The one I knew little about, but am now really familiar with. This is the only OS I’m sure has Adobe Flash on it. For some reason I have to manually suspend it. It is similar to manjaro I find.

Have I convinced any of you that the change isn’t super bad and so yes, the added privacy of the best Linux OS’s is worth it?

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The End (Of The Knock-Knock Joke)

I may be the only person to care about and remember back towards the beginning of my blog, I posted a knock-knock joke. It is a proper knock-knock joke. You can tell because it uses a real first name. As much as I enjoy certain non real ones, they simply aren’t as fun.

I truly suggest checking out that old post because this joke is the one that comes after it. This joke won’t make sense without the first one.


Who’s there?


Andy who?

Andy he bit me again.

Why I’ve Been Doing So Many Blog Tours (And Why You Might Want To Consider Doing A Few)

As my followers may have noticed, I’ve been doing lots of blog tours recently. Partly it is because I want to show my support for these cool people and their dreams, but it also goes deeper than that.


I love my blog. I love posting three or four times a week. Lately though I’ve been busy. Some of what has been making me busy is bloggable, but a lot isn’t. There just isn’t much I can say about, “so my computer is slightly crazy and every Monday for the past month I’ve been adding software” or “had to shorten my bed so my oldest sister could have a mattress” or “it’s been so wet everything has stalled”  and “preparing for a bunch of crazy summer trips” is simply exhausting.

Banner Three Month Tour

Also I’ve been having slight blogging burnout. Ideas start to come, but before I can get them written down they are gone. Or I’ll have a couple of good ideas about the same subject, but I can only post one at a time and by the next week I don’t care about that thought anymore.

Blog tour Dancer

So the blog tours have been giving me something set in stone to write about. They are showing off cool books. They give me a chance to connect with and share some of the bloggers I enjoy reading.

SA Blog Graphic

So I’m sorry. This isn’t a book blog. Books will only be on Fridays and some Tuesdays. As much as I love books and will continue joining in on blog tours, I don’t want to seem like that is all I’m doing. I don’t really have plans for what will be on my blog coming up, but it won’t be this barrage of blog tours.


Like I’ve said, blog tours are great. Especially if (like me) you feel like you might be nearing burnout. Or if your ordinary life will be getting super busy. Signing on as a spotlighter or an interviewer is easy. And then you’ll get a cool post you just have to edit.

Banner Three Month Tour

What have you thought? What do you think?

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Untangling Writing; Tangled Up In Writing Blog Tour

What is the oddest mistake the editor should have caught that you’ve noticed in a bestseller?
In a recent bestseller I read, there was a missing quotation mark after one character’s dialogue!
What is the least common thing you’re a fan of? 
Hmmm…I’d have to say either the TV show “Chuck” or the “Weddings by Bella” series by Janice Thompson.  I absolutely love both things, but I only know a couple of “Chuck” fans and only one person who has ever read Thompson’s series.  (If you’re looking for a funny romance series, look it up!)
What detail in your books are you most proud of? 
Probably that each character deals with the rough side of “real life” — so often, we deal with an onslaught of stuff if we’re dealing with one bad thing (when it rains, it pours!) so I always try to portray that in my books.  I do this in an attempt to give hope – that things might be rough now, but they’ll get better.
What do you think is the most important detail most people forget about when going to publish a book?
I think that a lot of people forget to hype it up before they publish it — they start when it’s a week out from publishing instead of talking about it from day one.  Of course, you don’t want to give the whole book away or bore followers, but teasing readers just enough will whet their reading appetite long before the book hits shelves!  (Why yes, this is something I forget to do as well!)
What is your favorite Bible verse?
Joshua 1:9: “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go.” (NKJV) I love this verse because it’s so strong– I need this reminder frequently because I tend to be a worry-wart.

Here is the official schedule for the Tour. All of Michaela’s information is below as well.

June 3rd


A guest post from Michaela on the topic, “How Do I Find the Perfect Editor for My Manuscript?”
June 4th


A guest post from Michaela on the topic, “How Disney’s Tangled Inspired Me to Follow My Dreams!”
June 5th

A guest post from Michaela on the topic, “How Do I Find the Perfect Editor for My Manuscript?”

A guest post from Michaela on the topic “Why Having an Editor Can Make or Break Your Book”
June 6th


A guest post from Michaela on the topic, “How Disney’s Tangled Inspired Me to Follow My Dreams!”

A guest post from Michaela on the topic, “How Do I Find the Perfect Editor for My Manuscript?”

June 7th

An interview with Michaela!
June 8th

Abby G.

A Quick & Easy Q & A

A guest post from Michaela on the topic “Why Having an Editor Can Make or Break Your Book”

Be sure to check out these links so that the giveaway goes easier.




Description: Michaela Bush is now offering affordable and professional author services!  She has a brand-new B.A. in English, as well as a passion for helping current and aspiring authors achieve their publishing goals.  She offers editing, proofreading, consultations, and more.

Selling phrase: Professional author services now available for an affordable price!

Name: Michaela Bush

Business Name: Tangled Up In Writing

Bio: Michaela Bush is a Christian author, freelance editor, and entrepreneur.  She graduated in 2019 from Clarion University in Pennsylvania and holds a B.A. in English with a minor in Psychology.  When she’s not spinning together her next story or working, she enjoys spending time with her family or horseback riding.  She is also a crazy cat lady.20190516_180316

Giveaway Info:
We have three different things running for different prizes — the links are as follows:

Quilted book sleeve:


Discounted Services:

Wedding Photography Tips

Normally M would be the photographer of choice, but she was one of the bridesmaids, so I took up the camera. I’ve read plenty about how taking wedding pictures is different, but I’ve never read how it is different and what you should do to get good pictures without paying for a professional wedding photographer. I am not an expert, but I’ve realized a lot more about the subject.

1. Two photographers are better than one. One can be getting the pictures of the families and the wedding party while the other is getting more casual pictures. I was the wandering photographer which meant I was running after the ring-bearers a lot (they were so cute).

The oldest of the ring-bearers enjoying an uncle.

2. Have the photographers come to the rehearsal. (and have them get pictures during it, because you may end up getting good  pictures in normal clothes) This way the photographers can learn where they can stand, where others will stand, how they can move, and how others will move. Like if the bride and groom run out of the building after the ceremony.

Being at the back of the building at the end of the wedding was the right move.

3. Make sure your photographers will be there the whole time. G&P’s official one left because it was super cold so I ended up taking pictures of the cake cutting and the leaving. It was a little stressful and I know I missed some pictures.


4. If you are getting your friends to do the picture taking make sure they know how to use the equipment. You may want to repay them (and get better pictures) by getting them a nice addition to their photography equipment, but make sure they have time to learn how to use the equipment well and quickly.

I had just switched from baby closeups.

The fact is there are so many people wandering around, that you will miss shots. It isn’t like a one person shoot where you just point the camera at them and click. Or like group shoots, where people will take turns. Everything is happening all at once, games and reunions are all around. Try to get some of everything, but don’t stress.

The youngest Bridesmaid taking some time off

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My Computer

A lot has happened to my computer since the last time I posted.

1. It has become officially mine and only mine. B who was technically sharing it with me got his own computer. It’s a black and red colored acer.

2. B has offered to upgrade it. I don’t know what all he plans on doing, but he mentioned getting rid of his side. I’m thinking I may ask him to do it next week. I want to have as few tabs up as possible.

3. The cord broke for the second time. My cord had finally broken for the first time about a week ago. (I hate my current cord, I been waiting for it to break for two years) B soldered it back together, but the solder quickly broke, due to the fact that it wasn’t really supported. (I was right in the middle of trying to figure out my Barnes and Noble order.)

Sorry for the lousy picture, but that is the end of my cord as it now is

I have a DELL. It is fancy. Along with the normal laptop mouse pad, it has a touch screen. It also has a pen and a middle of the keyboard mouse. Did I mention that the screen rotates and lies flat…

If you are not a geek why are you reading this post? I use Linux. I most commonly use Manjaro, but I also have Ubuntu. I hope to start switching back and forth between the two OS’s someday.