Blog #100

Woke up at six forty, being glad I’m waking earlier.

Had breakfast around seven forty, then did memory. Couldn’t do breakfast dishes until later.

Shortly before ten we drove up to Sam’s club to get gas. Then we went to Napa to get new brake pads. It should have been super easy to do this, but the road had been completely torn up.

Got to the food pantry after most people had finished eating and had cornbread pizza. Had barely finished eating when the truck arrived. I then helped bag potatoes, plantains, and oranges.

I ran in a few circles filling carts, but quickly switched to unboxing things and moving crates.

Around three thirty I went to look at the random stuff that the food pantry gets. Nothing I found was interesting.

After four we came home. In the car we listened to “The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Perilous Journey”.

Wrote My One Hundredth Blog Post.


My Etsy Shop Is Open

D and I have finally gotten a couple of items up.

Depending on popularity D will keep making her art. This is the only option to get right now.


Any clothes items will be unique. Most of them will be made by me! Currently the only thing have have good enough pictures to sell is this crazy skirt.


I need to add an edit to tell how long it is. I’ve not gotten very far on any of the other details of setting the shop up yet, but you can check it out by following this link.



My NanoWriMo Movel/My WIP

I’ve written 18,227 words on my first novel this Nanowrimo. I expect that when I finish my story it will only be around 25,000 words when it is finished. When I remember that it is a Cinderella rewrite and Cinderella can be satisfyingly told with just five short paragraphs, I feel much better.

In the past I’ve mentioned O as being important, but he is also one of my favorites. He is Aleah’s step brother! He is also the future spouse of the narrator. O is one of the three characters with descriptions, (yes I know it will need editing) his is the shortest.

This is a very random snippet

vants often left us a lunch there. We’d stop and pick up or drop off those who had to be elsewhere and then we go on a ways to a place where the water got very deep. The boats would be tied together and an anchor would be dropped, and lunch would be eaten. It was always wisest to where something that could be swum in on one of those trips, for after lunch the anchor would be pulled up, the boats tied to someone’s ankle and we would swim through that section. We were only able to all go on floats during the weekend, but I’m sure your parents went on some by themselves.

R’s wedding was held just before we went back to finishing school. Prince S was invited, but none of the rest of our group was. As we traveled back to finishing school V told me about the wedding. Apparently it was very traditional and not much else, they only stayed up til midnight.

“Why are you telling them about R’s wedding, it was the most boring event of our lives?”

“Mommy, Daddy. We’re aw

I’m excited to finish my story. I must admit ending Nanowrimo with a very clearly unended story is great, you end with a WIP.

Blog # 50

October/ 26/ 2018/ 3:35pm Lat. Same Long. Same

ccording to the page counter today is my fiftieth post, this is super exciting.

I woke up a little earlier this morning, but had a lay in. After getting up I had a tolerable breakfast of oatmeal. As soon as breakfast was  over we did family memory work.

I washed the breakfast dishes, then restarted my  computer. I caught up on all the blogs I follow.

Around nine I went on a twenty minute hunt for my wallet, since I couldn’t find it I went with mom as a passenger to the Mennonites. Halfway there we realized we were low on gas, so we went all the way to town to get some. Upon seeing how different the gas station looks, we figured it had been at least a year and a half since we had last been there.

We got to our first planned stop and then the truck of bulk food drove up. (the bulk food company is Joe Smith, look it up) After getting our peanuts from there, we drove to the produce shop and got two bushels of apples and four squash. It was cold so I put on my new coat. The produce shop will close soon.

Just before we turned onto the main road home, we saw that there was a “wet paint” truck stopped in our lane. We went around it. A mile or so later we came upon the actual painters. Half a mile later they stopped on the top of a hill so we couldn’t pass. When they restarted they were going a little faster. Eventually we came to a place where we could pass them, which we did.

By the time we got home D had started lunch. I went and did some reading. After lunch I read some blogs I plan to follow and finally got around to posting the book I plan to write for Nanowrimo. “Aleah Ash”

At two I went and had a shower to get ready for Sabbath. When I got out I cut up vegetables for tomorrows lunch. I was almost done when M got out of the shower, she is wearing her new skirt. We got is second hand from Salvation Army, but we looked up the tag (Ralph Lauren) on it to see how expensive it would be new and couldn’t find it. Based on similar things though it costs at the very least $300.

I finally came to the library and wrote up today’s post.