Bucket List To Own

Bucket lists are weird. I recently read a book that was about fulfilling a bucket list and that made me think of mine. I don’t have a bucket list in the traditional sense, but I do have a list of things I would like to own before I die. Let me see if I can make this like a tag.

Dream Car

Photo From Pixabay

As you might be able to tell from the picture above my dream car is a Model T Ford. Souped-up of course.

Dream Residence

Photo From Pixabay

A Farm. I don’t want pigs, or necessarily ducks and rabbits, but you get the idea. I want it to be big enough for a couple of small crops, some meat, and some pleasure animals (because I don’t want to use horses for much).

Dream Out Building

Photo From Pixabay

I’d say this is a lovely self-explanatory picture, but what I really want are those super awesome rolling/sliding shelves that some colleges have. I want to be able to lock some books away as not appropriate for young eyes.

Room In The House

Picture From Pixabay

If my library is in an outbuilding that means I have room in the house for a sewing room. Right? An ancient sewing machine, an outer wall shelf, table, ironing board thing. Windows galore. And on the inner walls cabinets of fabric.

Dream Pet

Photo From Pixabay

A shire. I want a big horse. A Clydesdale. One of the gentle giants. A draft horse.

I do want to tag a few people to do this.

A Barefoot Gal

Ariana’s Flying Life

Life in Kyoto

Plaid Petticoats

The Purple Skirt Blog

Updates will happen.

Recent Stressors

A “My Life Lately”, “Nutshell”, “Plate Update”, “Recap”, etc.

For the past eight-plus months I’ve feeling more tired than I should. This is minor, but when added to life recently.

Grandpa is turning ninety next month. He lives four hours away. The party will be start at three o’clock and we have to be home for B’s SAT test the next morning. I will be working the day before. I may be in charge of decorating his cake, it will not live up to his eightieth birthday cake. I am in charge of putting together a birthday video.

I’ve been babysitting. She is around a year old. Recently that family had a grandmother die from cancer. Once a week I work at the library. This job is a combination of janitorial work, boredom, being stern, selling fizzy drinks, and actual library duties. Air BnB cleaning has been minimal, but I may be taking on another house cleaning job.

I volunteer at the food pantry. This should be known by regular readers. It means that most of Tuesday is spent on that. Recently it’s been super busy as a number of regulars are sick. The “elders” are a blessing.

Grammarly assures me that my text sounds sad. I would disagree, somewhat as I feel more tired than sad.

Reading. Writing. Filming. Sewing. Picture taking. Editing. Have all been happening. Some more than others, and in various different forms.

So social media has fallen behind. I have managed to create videos, I find that they are fairly quick and require only a computer. I do plan on blogging more, now that I’m past m 200th post. I did spend a bit of time this week working on a super cool MCU Adventures In Odyssey crossover video


Blog Post #200

Woke up a bit late today, but Mom did as well so it didn’t matter. After a cold cereal breakfast, I cleared the table before listening to what my family had been doing over the week. Everyone has been busy. Then I shared what I had been doing. Last week was hectic that is why this post is only happening today.

I filmed a bit and then edited a video to go up on my BookTube channel on Monday. While the video rendered I listened to Stowaway. After a couple of minutes, my hands got bored, so I began taping the edges of my books. It helps them stay nice longer when you have neiphlings like I do.

After a Mexican inspired lunch, I finished taping the books. Then I put on YouTube and cut out some skirt pieces for the pattern I’m working on. I love the colors I’m using together. Purple and red.

Then I worked on the first page of my bullet journal.

He’s Making Diamonds: Blog Tour; An Interview

Truthfully I should have written this up ages ago and put it on scheduled, but I haven’t been feeling like doing anything on my blog. I think about posting then I think “no, not right now” I’m really close to my two hundredth post and I don’t know what I want to do about it. So enough bad excuses. Alright so you may have noticed the

Here is my interview with Hailey Hudson



Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
I’m 21 years old, I live in an apartment in Atlanta with my cat, and I’m a full-time freelance writer and content marketer. I enjoy participating in dance and theatre in my spare time as I’m able, and I live with multiple chronic illnesses. 
Representation in superhero movies. What would you like to see?
I think all movies and books could benefit from increased (respectful and accurate) representation of chronic illnesses and other disabilities. 
Well, I need to get to writing.
Do you have an aspect of your health that you find fun/amusing to share with people? If so can you tell me about it?
Unfortunately, my health issues are not very amusing!
I’m really sorry to hear that. I try to find some amusing detail in everything.
What Bible passage has inspired you recently?
Recently I have been inspired by the words of Jesus in John chapter 11, “Your sickness will not end in death.” Over the course of the last several months as I have been getting sicker, the Lord has been revealing the purpose behind the pain to me and it is so beautiful.
diamonds 2020 blog tour
Alright, so you may have noticed the slight oddness of the questions. It’s because there was a mix up and these questions were more tailored to someone else’s response to the first question.
I hope you enjoyed.  And Hailey, if you read this, about the last question, I’ve finally figured out how better to word it without stumbling all over myself. In your mind what is the most important thing for me to remember about your illness and what should I pray most for?

A Bookish Endeavour

As I mentioned in my End of the Year post I’ve started a YouTube channel. It’s a bookish channel.

I feel weird in some ways when I talk about books on here, because this isn’t a book blog. But so often I find that I want to talk about books, so I’ve come up with a solution.

I’ve only had it for a couple of months and I’d been struggling a bit to post to it. That being said I’ve gotten fairly good at the rhythm recently, so expect at least one video a week.

Right now there is a fairly good representation of what I will be posting, but I admit there will be some ideas that are still in the works.

I am planning on/working on more relevant content I promise. If you don’t know what I mean go actually look at my YouTube channel.

I know the name of my channel is Wanda Gambling. I chose that name because that is the name of a book character who is an actor. I do plan on doing a video about the name at some point.

Feel free to leave me suggestions about books. If you’re an author and you don’t care if an absolute nobody talks about your book feel free to get in touch.

A Large Year End Post

I don’t know what happened this year, but I was busy. So skip what you like, but kindly pay attention to the first section.

Social Media

I started an Instagram. It’s smallish. I mainly post about Fashion, Sewing, and Life.

I started a Bookstagram. It’s a bit bigger.

I started a Youtube Channel. It will be primarily about books. I also plan on doing fact sections. My goal with it is to have five thousand followers by the end of the year. I know this is crazy as most people don’t care about the books I love at all. YAY!

I also have a Ko-fi account. This month I haven’t done much on it, but I plan on doing more in 2020.

I have a Reedsy account. I haven’t done much with it, but I could…

I use Pinterest off and on. Yeah, skip it.


I participated and won both Camp Nano’s and Nanowrimo.

I wrote some this year. I finished my novella/middle-grade novel Aleah Ash. Now it just needs a few readers, a bit more editing, and then I may see about publishing it.

I worked on plotting my steampunk trilogy. Literally.

I got a good way into the rough draft of Containsia book one. I plan on finishing it soon. My hope is to start work on book two next Nanowrimo.

I also have written a few recipes for my cookbook, but write now I’m struggling with how serious it should be. (Strange Humor or Mostly Sensible) I hope to get further along with it.


This year I grew as a blogger. I did well and learnt lots. I got rid of a bunch of pointless subscribers. I participated in blog tours.

Family and Life


I don’t know what happened. I visited Arkansas. Don’t have plans


Wrote my 100th blog post. Designed a floor plan. Still no plans


It happened. G-pa’s turning 90


Made myself a silk skirt. Participated in Camp Nano. It started raining. Maybe go to NY and Camp Nano


M’s best friend got married. I was part-time photographer. No plans


Went camping. Took a trip. Saw two weddings. Visited Canada for the first time in my memory. Explored a tornado aftermath. (Do you want to hear about that?) Went swimming. No plans


Turned 20. Did Camp Nano No plans Camp Nano


Is in the past. Plans???


Started Sustainable Tuesday. Started planning on my sister’s leaving. No plans


Planned for Nanowrimo. Had a crazy dream. Pattern tested. Got a job. Got a second job. No plans


Sisters left. Did Nanowrimo. Got a Niece. Updated my room. Got a third job. Saw Niece. Nanowrimo. (visit Israel???)


Was busy. Got left behind. Spent a week by myself. No plans.


Yes that is one hundred and seventy seven books. This year I plan on reading 500 books at least.

Sustainable Tuesday: Hanging Desk

I admit, most people won’t be able to make a desk like mine. I used what I had and spent no money. Someday, my desk will have to come down, but we hope to move, so that matters little.

Things I had before I started.

  1. Pallet Boards.
  2. Pallet Nails and a Container of Nails.
  3. Twine
  4. Two Bunk Beds about 2.5 feet apart.


Using these I was able to make an awesome desk.

Realistically I shouldn’t say that I had pallet boards. I had left one pallet only three quarters apart.

Step 1. Making the Top

It super simple. I found boards of a similar thickness and ordered them on the top side. A couple of nails each and I had a lovely top.


Step 2. The Shelf

One of a desks most important parts is the storage. Yes, having a smooth top is great, but having a place to put things nearby, is the best.

So I flipped the desk over and added a couple of boards to the bottom of the pallet. Due to the forklift slots I had to get a bit creative and used a short section of board to hold them in place.


Step 3. Making it fit

Then I had a desk that was just too large to fit into my only space so I had to cut it smaller. Sadly I only had a hand saw so this took a good amount of time.

Step 4. Preparing to hang

Part A. Drilling the holes.

Very Simple I found the drill and placed some holes.

Part B. Braiding the twine.

I didn’t trust the twine to be strong enough by itself so I found three strands and braided them together. Fun Fact I did most of the braiding while I went on a three mile walk.


Step 5.

Hang it up. This was a tiny bit difficult, but I was able to balance the desk on a couple of boxes and thread the twine through the loops.

And TADA! I have a desk.