The End (Of The Knock-Knock Joke)

I may be the only person to care about and remember back towards the beginning of my blog, I posted a knock-knock joke. It is a proper knock-knock joke. You can tell because it uses a real first name. As much as I enjoy certain non real ones, they simply aren’t as fun.

I truly suggest checking out that old post because this joke is the one that comes after it. This joke won’t make sense without the first one.


Who’s there?


Andy who?

Andy he bit me again.

The Land I Lost By Huynh Quang Nhuong

This was a very interesting book, in my opinion. Usually when I read about cultures I know little about they are tales of Christians surviving persecution, missionaries coming in, the first real contact with Western Civilization, or all of the above. I frequently read about learning the new language, figuring out how to write it down for the first time. Adapting to a new culture. That sort of thing.

The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam
As per usual this cover comes from Goodreads

It was so different and interesting to read about a character that came from the culture. It was so strange to read about a culture that has had for a very long time it’s own writing system and school system, even though to me it seemed as strange as cultures with only recent contact.

Was the story a little gruesome at times? Yes.

Did it have horrifying tales of Monkey See Monkey Do? Yes.

Do I recommend it to any one over the age of ten? Yes.


Also feel free to check out my Instagram to see my actual copy of the book.

Time To Hurry

This past week I went to visit my oldest brother and his family. Us girls spent most of our time making bridesmaid dresses. S and I did spend part of one morning posing by a waterfall.

I don’t know what I will wear to the wedding. I could borrow something. I could re-wear something. I could make something.

I also need to finish and photograph a shirt for my etsy shop. I have plans for another shirt. It would be fun to get a few 18th century pockets up on etsy.

I am supposed to be taking part of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Of course I also want to read books. Keep my blog going strong. Grow a little on Instagram. Help with the garden. Work on Hebrew, French, Irish, Korean, and Dutch.

Maybe I can finish all that I want to by the end of the month, but maybe it will take to just before the wedding, but I hope I can really get a lot done.



A Barn In Science

I was looking up how to convert square feet into acres when I noticed that one of the options for area was Barn. I’d never heard of a barn being an unit of measurement so I looked at it. For the record I was looking up how much land we own, the answer is around 2.02343e+31 barns*

Italy, Landscape, Scenic, Sky, Clouds

Images from pixabay.

When talking about day to day measurement, if you have e in your number you probably are using an extraordinarily small unit of measure. Which is true in this case. A barn is basically the cross section of a uranium nucleus. Otherwise known as basically no space.

Part of the reason it was named a barn was, it like many other atomic bomb related had to sound like they had absolutely no relation to the subject. Also when you get down to the subatomic level of comparing things the uranium nucleus is really big, like the proverbial side of the barn.

Nebraska, Farm, Landscape, Barn

Maybe I’m interested in barns because P is a nuclear physicist, or possibly the reason is because it’s a cool, simple, and rare word. I don’t, but I did find it very interesting.

If you want to read more about it check out Britannica or Wikipedia.

*Note on the record, in more common terms we have less than half an acre.


Amongst Giants?

My grand father was/is a Bible translator. We went to dig his sweet potatoes for him, hence the reason I voted early.

While we were with him we went to a sermon. The speakers said he felt like he was amongst giants, because of how many missionaries and Bible translators were there. I grew up near the JAARS center, so I grew up around those sorts of people. Both sets of my grandparents had been missionaries, my parents had done a stint, all my friends, parents were missionaries or MKs, every year our church would have a missions conference, and so on and so forth.

2010 FBA JAARS Mission Trip, April 11 -17

From the age of seven I knew Africa was huge, the difference between Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya, both of which are called Papua, and the difference between Nigeria and Niger.

Papua conflict - Wikipedia

Growing up where I did led me to believe an astoundingly high number of lies and fostered a number of interests. I did learn one truth there though, these men and women we look up to would have gone no where with out God. They aren’t giants, they just let God lead their life and God led them to that work. They are not higher because God called them away from home, they are just a different part.

Do as God calls you.

The Letter Words

There are two kinds of letter words, or if you prefer words we refer to by their first letter; swear words, and controversial subjects.

Not everybody uses letter words, they go straight to the word that is being alluded to.

Now I will admit I don’t understand why people use swear words, or why certain swear words are worse than others and must never be spoken. Sure I get it, you shouldn’t call anyone a donkey, or any related words.

I think, that such words show a lack of care about expanding your vocabulary and of other peoples feelings. Using those words give people certain impressions about you that you may not like.

Some friends and I once had a very odd conversation where I tried to figure out their vocabulary of what is to bad to say, what is okay to say and what could be said when. I was a little surprised about some of their choices, and that is when I realized it is mostly arbitrary, it depends on your parents, your reading choices, your culture.

I don’t get it.

What about the other letter words.

These are standing in for delicate subjects.

I honestly understand this one a little better, no one has the definitive answers on the subject and every one has strong feelings. To actually say the word is to bring the subject up.

I think we should stop playingalphabet words and start being honest.

Bah, Humbug

Began sewing a timed pair of shorts that will be available in my store. It takes twenty to twenty-five minutes to get to the point I’m currently at.

Also sister M (who I’m making the shorts for) suggested that I keep the tags from my mystery project.

First though I had to undo a few seams and take the tags off, so now I’m sewing them back on… Bluck, bluck, bluck.


Is bluck a word? How do you spell it correctly?