A Silk Tie Skirt Part 1

When my blog was much newer than it is now I started a project. I called it my Secret Project or something like that.

The Ties

I was making a silk skirt from ties. I took apart the ties. Moved their tags. Washed them. And got most of the major seams sewn.

Then… I quit…

I didn’t want to put the zipper in. So I put it aside and moved on.


Recently with M’s Best Friend’s wedding coming up. I thought it would be fun if I could finish the skirt and maybe make a similar top from the scraps and ties I didn’t use.

So I put in the zipper and decided to use the thick golden tie for the waist.

It has been going remarkably well. This is the first time I have sewn with silk and the first time I have done much sewing with bias cut fabric. It is easier than I feared. The bias cut gets rid of the fraying silk is famous for. And silk isn’t as scary to sew as people made it seem.


A Heart Pocket History,

Back in 2014 Mom made me a skirt. She used upside-down huge blue jean legs for the main part and a pair of darker blue pockets for pockets. To make the skirt longer and prettier she added a pink ruffle to the bottom and matching pink hearts on the pockets.

At P’s graduation, just after it was made

I loved it. I wore it all the time, so naturally the ruffle wore away super quickly.

Thankfully the rest of the skirt was still good, so it was a matter of a few minutes to change out the ruffle. This time I cut up a skirt I had made years before in a sewing class. It was a lovely ruffle.

Second-rendition-of heart-pockets
Pardon the ugly face. At a family reunion, after falling in a river.

This ruffle lasted longer, but the day came that it could no longer serve. Unfortunately I have no pictures of what happened next to this skirt. I was wearing it one day when someone mentioned I had a whole in my skirt. I was expecting it (I had been wearing the skirt year round for four years), so sad as I was I retired the body of my skirt.

The pockets were still good though as was the ruffle so I made a new skirt body and put them onto it.


Sadly though now one of my pockets has a hole in the bottom, so when this wears out I will only have pictures and scraps. I love this skirt and I’m glad that I put reminders of it on my blog. It’s been a staple for a long time.

Time To Hurry

This past week I went to visit my oldest brother and his family. Us girls spent most of our time making bridesmaid dresses. S and I did spend part of one morning posing by a waterfall.

I don’t know what I will wear to the wedding. I could borrow something. I could re-wear something. I could make something.

I also need to finish and photograph a shirt for my etsy shop. I have plans for another shirt. It would be fun to get a few 18th century pockets up on etsy.

I am supposed to be taking part of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Of course I also want to read books. Keep my blog going strong. Grow a little on Instagram. Help with the garden. Work on Hebrew, French, Irish, Korean, and Dutch.

Maybe I can finish all that I want to by the end of the month, but maybe it will take to just before the wedding, but I hope I can really get a lot done.



The Families of Clothes

As I get closer to finally being able to start selling my handmade clothes, I am reminded that A suggested that I have more than just basic descriptions. She suggested that I write about who would wear them and tell stories about their past.

So I’ve been at work coming up with “families” for the different types of clothes. I want to make it so you can tell what it is by its name.

So far I have Princess Shorts.

I also have Sister Skirts.

There will be Everyday Elegance Dresses.

I’m pondering using the phrase “it’s a split” for culottes, split skirts, and pants.

I suppose I could use Basic Blice for the shirts. Sorry for the awful language joke.

And if all else fails Mister E Man’s might work.

All this really says is. My cold is mostly gone, so I don’t feel bad about sewing. Most of the fuss that goes into getting a Etsy account is out of the way. I love backstories and I also enjoy puns.

I’m looking forward to starting the Etsy shop, I will sell only things made from found fabrics on there. I hope to earn at least enough money for my best friend and I to be able to visit Israel.

For The Guys Out There

I’m working on opening a custom clothes shop, it’s taking awhile because, reasons, a cold, and family. Recently however I’ve been differently inspired. Inspiration, even if at the time I’m not able to do much with it, is what encourages me to keep working.

Recently P spent the weekend with one of our cousins family. He told them of my plans and they were super encouraging. Yay! K C had a couple of suggestions for what I could do for the guys, this was great. I’ve always thought, “I should have something for the guys to wear too”, but guys clothes are boring. What makes it harder is that most guys seem to like boring clothes.

He suggested pants with pockets for flashlights and knives. Knives would be very interesting to try to do because they come in so many shapes and sizes, but most flashlights are small enough to be held in one hand… He also suggested matching father and son outfits, now admittedly I’m a young female so I’m probably not the best guesser at what most fathers would like for them and their sons to wear, but I’ve a few ideas.

Now I just wish that I could find a ton of others willing to sew my ideas so I can start selling all of them soon.

A Long Dress (In Length And Construction Time)

I do not know when I started making this dress, my best guess would be some time after A went to India for the very first time.



My original plan was to make it for one of my older sisters to wear, but by the time I finished it, it fit me perfectly.


The dress was cut out, the skirt was sewn up and the main bodice was constructed, before it became an UFO. Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I find out, we did not follow the pattern instructions and some of the pieces are missing, but  I went to work and finished ti. Yay!



Hah, I went to try it on and I discovered that it wouldn’t go over my head. 🙂 So I undid a little of the seam holing the yoke to  the bodice, it made a very cool little detail. And I can’t believe that I didn’t get M to get a picture of this detail, I’ll get one up soon. Soon has happened



Please thank M for agree to take the camera out into the drizzle to get these pictures.


While in India I was talking with one of my friends and I mentioned one of the reasons I started looking at dresses online was because I took so long to make this dress. My friend then expressed interest in see a picture of this dress, but I didn’t have one at the time…



When I got back from India and settled down to start doing things again, I realized that I had forgotten which of my friends had asked for the photo. I thought to myself, “I can just post it to my blog and tell them to check it out, more viewers and I don’t have to worry about which friend it was.”



I really love this dress especially since it has no zippers, even though sadly it currently has no pockets, I can easily add hidden ones next summer if it still fits.

What do you think of the bow in the back? Would you wear it, if it was in your closet?