Modest Classy Shawl Collar Dress Review

A beautifully feminine winter dress with long sleeves and a shawl collar, this pleated midi is very classy, fashionable and modest.

Please carefully look at our make to order size chart to ensure you have the right measurements as we will be making this dress especially for you and we want to ensure it is perfect.


My thoughts.

Winter dress. Perhaps, a tad bit thin for a winter dress, but under layers, over layers and of course where you live would play a role.

Pockets. There are no pockets. That isn’t much of a surprise. The style is a hard one to put reasonable pockets on without making the dress look odd. They do say that pockets can be added to any of their styles, so…

Sleeve length. One of the most important parts of a cuffed, long, sleeve is making sure that it is long enough to not catch on the forearms. I added an inch to what I thought would be my ideal length and I should have added at least a couple more.

Fabric. It said it is 100% linen. I found a section of the dress that I didn’t mind removing from the dress. (I don’t recommend doing this unless you are knowledgeable about dress construction) and burnt it. It burnt oddly. It also dampens oddly. Now I haven’t washed the dress yet (Scandalous! I know!), so part of me is wondering if it is some sort of waterproof coating. I’m interested in coming back to this topic after the dress has been worn more and washed and I’ve tested some other fabrics from MC.

My seamstresses are paid per piece they work on and so it depends a lot. They have their set price for each of my designs and they also have all my fabric with them. They tell me they are some of the best paid in their area in Vietnam but it still works out a lot cheaper than paying seamstresses in Australia. Unfortunately, if I had my seamstresses locally, my dresses would be hundreds of dollars for the time put into each of them. So, it works out well. Before Covid, I would go to work with my seamstresses in Vietnam from time to time to make sure all the designs were just right. We’ve developed a good friendship over the years. They are so talented!! I don’t make much profit yet as I am still very much growing the business but my goal from the onset has been to help ladies find modest beautiful dresses and so that’s where I get my satisfaction

Marie Claire

The Price and Where You Can Get One:

You can get it from Etsy, but it costs $30 more, so… That is where I first ran across it. I recommend buying straight from the store. It doesn’t look like much of a price difference, but the shop is in Australian dollars. Converted this dress cost me around $70, it’s a lot, but not as much as many.

I will be sharing more dresses I’ve found around the internet that are modest. Most of them are more expensive and not made with modesty in mind. Modest Classy is run by a Catholic lady, who clearly cares about many of the same things I do. We disagree on some beliefs, but I love the clothes, I love what how she is making the dresses, and so I thought I should start by sharing this.

This was a little expensive, so if you enjoyed it, if you want to see more, please. Share it. Buy me a Ko-fi.

A Photoshoot Of Style

As a small town librarian there is plenty of time for personal projects. I chose recently to document what I was wearing as I enjoyed the look.

As the day was cold I chose the thickest, longest socks from my collection. I also choose the leather Reeboks as they are the best for walking and running in.

My skirt is a lovely purple, 100% wool, pleated affair from Pendleton. I got it at the thrift store. (I live in a lovely neighborhood for thrift stores.) I noticed the fabric first, then the length and style. Upon discovering that it would fit me I bought it. Only then did I realize that it was purple and I, therefore, didn’t have to worry about trying to get more purple into my wardrobe.

The books are Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery, and New Chronicles of Rebecca by Kate Douglas Wiggin. I’ve read them all and enjoyed them to varying degrees.

Lastly, I know nothing about the shirt, other than the fact that it is a maroon basic. The purple hair ribbon is a satin strip that I picked up somewhere.

There you have it. Do I look like a librarian? Should I go through and remove all the k’s because my eyboard is acting up and not letting me get it on the first hit?


A Stylized Photoshoot

So a couple of weeks ago. (Read over a month) I was wearing an outfit that I adore. I view the look as my “military” inspired look. The colors, the styles, I just feel like it feels like a sensible fantasy military look.

So in part of my town’s move to look nicer, they are clearing out a wooded lot, that had cars. As a slight weirdo, I decided that they were perfect for a photoshoot with this look. I think I was right.

Now for a rundown of my look starting with my head. Hair went into a braid. It may have been a french braid, but I was inspired by the rules the Air Force has for long hair. Over my hair, I put my favorite hat. It’s not super militaryish but I thought it was a nice finishing touch.

The shirt is my absolute favorite, I’ve had it for years. It has two pockets. The trousers were upcycled by me. I took a pair of boy corduroys and added contrasting corduroy triangles to the outer seam. This took these pants from very meh, to super cool.

My shoes are an old pair of leather Reeboks.

This was a super fun photo shoot even though I was by myself.

An Outfit Of This Summer

Over a year ago I posted about two items I made. A super cool Butterfly Shirt, modeled after my favorite shirt of all time. An Orange Skirt, basic, but quickly using up the fabric I brought back from India.

I wore them together because they were both brand new and I was super proud, but I’ve been wearing them together ever since and I will admit I love the look. It’s bright, it’s bold, and the fact the the shirt is mostly blue is hardly noticeable.


So M and I went out the other morning and caught some pictures that captured the essence of the outfit. And Me. And when I wear it.

I actually found it a little difficult to pose in because the grass was little more than dew and clippings. Also I’ve decided to stop wearing it for the summer. I like to wear it several times in between washes, so that it will not get as worn out so quickly.

Sorry there are no pictures of the back of me, but M thought my hair was a mess.

I think that is all.

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Wedding Photography Tips

Normally M would be the photographer of choice, but she was one of the bridesmaids, so I took up the camera. I’ve read plenty about how taking wedding pictures is different, but I’ve never read how it is different and what you should do to get good pictures without paying for a professional wedding photographer. I am not an expert, but I’ve realized a lot more about the subject.

1. Two photographers are better than one. One can be getting the pictures of the families and the wedding party while the other is getting more casual pictures. I was the wandering photographer which meant I was running after the ring-bearers a lot (they were so cute).

The oldest of the ring-bearers enjoying an uncle.

2. Have the photographers come to the rehearsal. (and have them get pictures during it, because you may end up getting good  pictures in normal clothes) This way the photographers can learn where they can stand, where others will stand, how they can move, and how others will move. Like if the bride and groom run out of the building after the ceremony.

Being at the back of the building at the end of the wedding was the right move.

3. Make sure your photographers will be there the whole time. G&P’s official one left because it was super cold so I ended up taking pictures of the cake cutting and the leaving. It was a little stressful and I know I missed some pictures.


4. If you are getting your friends to do the picture taking make sure they know how to use the equipment. You may want to repay them (and get better pictures) by getting them a nice addition to their photography equipment, but make sure they have time to learn how to use the equipment well and quickly.

I had just switched from baby closeups.

The fact is there are so many people wandering around, that you will miss shots. It isn’t like a one person shoot where you just point the camera at them and click. Or like group shoots, where people will take turns. Everything is happening all at once, games and reunions are all around. Try to get some of everything, but don’t stress.

The youngest Bridesmaid taking some time off

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