An Outfit Of This Summer

Over a year ago I posted about two items I made. A super cool Butterfly Shirt, modeled after my favorite shirt of all time. An Orange Skirt, basic, but quickly using up the fabric I brought back from India.

I wore them together because they were both brand new and I was super proud, but I’ve been wearing them together ever since and I will admit I love the look. It’s bright, it’s bold, and the fact the the shirt is mostly blue is hardly noticeable.


So M and I went out the other morning and caught some pictures that captured the essence of the outfit. And Me. And when I wear it.

I actually found it a little difficult to pose in because the grass was little more than dew and clippings. Also I’ve decided to stop wearing it for the summer. I like to wear it several times in between washes, so that it will not get as worn out so quickly.

Sorry there are no pictures of the back of me, but M thought my hair was a mess.

I think that is all.

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A Swimsuit And A Throwback

You may remember back at the beginning of summer I made a swimsuit. I promised to come back at the end of summer and review. I wanted to review it earlier, but I kept not getting pictures. I still don’t have pictures of me wearing it, but I’ve finally got a nice flat lay. So pictures of it worn may be coming, but for now..

The Fit

Lets be honest I made it myself, so of course it fits well.

The Built In Bra

No that doesn’t go under fit, but it works perfectly. I’m so glad I decided to use my fabric scraps for it.


The Swimability

Can I swim in it. Yes, really well.

The Green Factor

The only new material that went into the swimsuit was the thread. The main fabric is rayon, but there is some rubber in the elastic. And the zipper is plastic.


The Style Factor

You might not be able to tell, but I think it looks super cool. A slight 1920’s inspiration, with an asymmetric hem.

Honestly I’m super happy with it. I’ve never even considered making a swimsuit before and now I’ve made one.

Here is a random picture of the sunrise I got this morning when I went out to get the rest of these pics.


Wardrobe Dreams

When ever it was I wrote about Wardrobe Plans. They are sensible things that frequently get mixed up with wardrobe dreams.

I love wardrobe dreams. They are very impractical. It’s when you see something and you love, but you don’t know where in the world you would where it. If you wore it to a wedding they would accuse you of trying to outshine the bride.

These are things you would only wear to a dress up party. Or to a super fancy formal event. Or maybe some historical or cultural event.

These lists can be cool, pointless, and fun. Here are a few items on my list:

Traditional Korean Hanbok. They have full wrap around silk skirts.Korean Hanbok dress shop | Hanboksarang

Most things from Armstreet. Okay I would actually wear their clothes in everyday life if I could afford it.

Frye Boots. Honestly I’d almost never wear them and they cost a lot, but …



The Advantage Of Having Wardrobe Plans

And The Disadvantage Of Having Them

I don’t ever find myself having wardrobe envy, for the most part my clothes are my clothes and I like them. Most of my clothes have been customized by me, if not fully made by me. But I do have Wardrobe Plans.


Wardrobe plans help me decide what I should make next.


Wardrobe plans are in the back of my brain when I go shopping.


Wardrobe plans keep track of what you really like.

But they also can cause you to spend money you can’t afford.


Wardrobe plans help you feel bad about what you wear.

Wardrobe plans can limit you to a boring existence.

I like having plans for my wardrobe, but sometimes I hate not feeling like I have what I want.

What are your thoughts?

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How To Make SciFi Sleeves

If you don’t like sleeveless things then almost undoubtedly if you modify your clothes you have at least tried to add sleeves to something. Allow me to let everyone who doesn’t in on a little secret. Sleeves are the worst. I’ve seen them called Sleevils. Putting in a classic, smooth sleeve is torture. Gathered sleeves are slightly better, but they still come with a myriad of fitting possibilities.

So today I’m going to talk about the easiest type of sleeve to do. No gathering and the bias stretch has no effect. I’m talking about sci-fi sleeves. Now unfortunately I don’t have a good picture of them, because my family thinks that they look a little silly.


Take a square of fabric that has a diagonal length that is the almost* same as around your armhole.

Cut the fabric on the diagonal.

Hem the four short sides. If the diagonal is not a bias cut zigzag its edge.

Now you have two sleeves, all ready to go into your shirt. Yay!!!

An extremely fuzzy picture that shows the finished side view.

Mark the center of the long side with a pin.

If you are making the shirt from scratch: put the pin in the shoulder seam right sides together.

If you are putting the sleeves into a pre-finished shirt: put the pin in the shoulder seam with the right side of the sleeve facing the wrong side of the shirt.

Then pin and sew the sleeve on with your preferred method. (when I use pins I tend to put them well in the seam allowance so I can sew around them)

Make sure all threads are knotted and clipped. Iron it if necessary.

I call it a SciFi sleeve because it give a silhouette like this.
It is a little hard to tell, but you can see the sleeve sticking out in this picture.

*The exact length doesn’t matter to much as some overlap at the bottom of the armhole is fine as is a small gap.