A Swimsuit And A Throwback

You may remember back at the beginning of summer I made a swimsuit. I promised to come back at the end of summer and review. I wanted to review it earlier, but I kept not getting pictures. I still don’t have pictures of me wearing it, but I’ve finally got a nice flat lay. So pictures of it worn may be coming, but for now..

The Fit

Lets be honest I made it myself, so of course it fits well.

The Built In Bra

No that doesn’t go under fit, but it works perfectly. I’m so glad I decided to use my fabric scraps for it.


The Swimability

Can I swim in it. Yes, really well.

The Green Factor

The only new material that went into the swimsuit was the thread. The main fabric is rayon, but there is some rubber in the elastic. And the zipper is plastic.


The Style Factor

You might not be able to tell, but I think it looks super cool. A slight 1920’s inspiration, with an asymmetric hem.

Honestly I’m super happy with it. I’ve never even considered making a swimsuit before and now I’ve made one.

Here is a random picture of the sunrise I got this morning when I went out to get the rest of these pics.


Travel Clothes

I love traveling. Unfortunately I don’t have any money so I can rarely do it. That being said, this weekend I’ll probably help my oldest brother drive out to a wedding. So I’d better have travel clothes planned.


Travel clothes are annoying, you want some variation, so you don’t feel like you are wearing the same thing all the time, but you don’t want to take much. (So you can have more room for books, games, souvenirs, equipment, etc.)

Of course you don’t want to look to snazzy (unless you’ll have no time to change) nor do you want to look to casual (you may end up making an important first impression). And the longer and more varied your plans are, the more interesting it can get.


I’ve made many decisions over the years of what to pack for which adventure. Once I packed a brand new skirt for a camping trip (to wear on a rest day) so that when I got back I wouldn’t mind wearing it from day to day. Other times I will make sure to pack my grubby skirt so I can garden or wrestle goats. Some trips I make sure my clothes look nice enough for town, but can also go onto the day hiking trails.various adventures 1084.JPG

But the most important part is the traveling look. The look one wears while in the car, or on the plane, or the train, or whatever. It needs to be comfortable, but respectable.

Esther in front of a dead tree trunk in Yellowstone. On the left side is written the words "travel sightseeing history museums art science memories
Sorry for the massive size of the photo.

I’ve chosen for several years now to wear a spit skirt while traveling. More recently I’ve added a shirt of a similar color. What do you choose to wear on the go? Do you have something set aside as special in your wardrobe or is it whatever you feel like wearing?

Sorry about the fact I didn’t post about my swimsuit, but I haven’t used it yet. (in spite of the fact that I did go for a short swim last weekend)

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Modesty Blues

I had probably best start this post by explaining what this blog title doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean that modesty gives me the blues, makes me sad, or unhappy. I love dressing modestly, I can’t imagine not dressing modestly. It also is not like military blues, modesty is not a fancy uniform.



This is a post about the fact that I am sick of the color blue. Blue is without a doubt my favorite color. I love blue. It reminds me of the ocean, of lakes, and rivers. It is the color of the summer sky (and all the shades up there), and the color of the top half of a winter sunset. Pictures rarely do blue full justice. It can be so beautiful it seems fake, even when it is real.


Blue goes with every color. You can put any shade of it next to any color and it will look good. You can wear it in a solid color from head to toe and no one will blink. (in fact they may say you look gorgeous) You can wear mixed blues from head to toe and look perfectly normal. That is why I am tired of blue. It is great and all, but it can be a bit much.

Look at all the maples!!!

Modest clothes seem to frequently fall into the “lots of blue” category and it is because of the reasons mentioned above. Any other color from head to toe is “bold”, “eye catching”, “dramatic”, etc. I’m not saying that all the clothes are blue, but sometimes it seems like for every other color there are two blue options.

Screenshot_2019-05-27 Esther Jackson ( weve got pockets) • Instagram photos and videos

I stole this picture off of my Instagram. It is a picture of mid switching winter and summer clothes. I have so much blue in my wardrobe, that the flash took the blue and bounced it around to turn the whole picture blue. Though it is a little hard to tell there are items that are various shades of blue on three side of the picture and in the middle.

These are why I am trying to cut down on the blue. Why I’ve told myself “The next thing you make can’t be blue.” Why I’ve chosen other colors to be on my blog, because fashion should be more than blue. Blue shouldn’t be the only color you can wear head to toe without seeming a bit much.

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Plans For A Swimming Summer

Summer is coming and with is swimming season. Which means swimsuits. Most people think finding the perfect swimsuit is annoying, but it can be worse. If you care about modesty finding a swimsuit becomes super annoying. But I like to add extra levels of difficult to find clothes. I prefer to wear one hundred percent unmixed natural fibers.

This means I have simply worn pedal pushers and a t shirt over a regular bathing suit. It looked ok, … but… It takes lots of space, is annoying to change in and out of, is looking like I haven’t grown or done much swimming since I started wearing that combo like … seven years ago. And now that I can actually swim, wearing cargo pedal pushers are to … catchy … not aerodynamic … not fluidynamic…

Either way last summer I started looking into other options and I couldn’t find any I liked. So recently I found two of the three paper dolls I use to draw clothes (I need a fourth now, she is to be Korean) and I drew up my two favorite ideas. And yes they are practically impossible to tell that they are different styles.


The upper one was my first idea, hence the reason it has matching sleeves. It basically is a dress over shorts. It’s actually way more complicated but I don’t know whether I’ll go through with it. The second is a Salwar Kameez style though again with shorts. It would take way less fabric, but I’m not sure I like it.

But what is my plan for fabric. Nearly three weeks ago I went to Salvation Army. Mostly we were just looking, but I wanted to look at rayon skirts. I hope that it will balance the line between being natural enough to suit me and synthetic enough to not make a bad swimsuit. I’ll be back with reports at the end of the summer.


Sorry, but I haven’t fully finished the silk skirt yet, and I want to try to make a semi matching top so it may be a while before the final pictures are posted.

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It Doesn’t Stop Us

I like my sisters, my best friend, and her sisters can usually be found wearing a skirt. The skirts we wear hang over our knees when we are sitting and allow us to take long strides. That is the secret to a skirt you can do anything in with having to worry about anything.

I have climbed trees, ladders, cliffs, and climbing walls in my every day clothes, because it would take to long to change. I have jumped into leaves and crossed rivers in these clothes, because I can.

I am proving I can be strong and feminine like all the greatest women in history, when I hike, backpack, run, blaze trails, and garden in my skirt. But I’m also very glad I don’t live back then.

Look it’s the back of M ^

And I show my personality and my willingness to be different when I wear a skirt for everything else that I do.

The Families of Clothes

As I get closer to finally being able to start selling my handmade clothes, I am reminded that A suggested that I have more than just basic descriptions. She suggested that I write about who would wear them and tell stories about their past.

So I’ve been at work coming up with “families” for the different types of clothes. I want to make it so you can tell what it is by its name.

So far I have Princess Shorts.

I also have Sister Skirts.

There will be Everyday Elegance Dresses.

I’m pondering using the phrase “it’s a split” for culottes, split skirts, and pants.

I suppose I could use Basic Blice for the shirts. Sorry for the awful language joke.

And if all else fails Mister E Man’s might work.

All this really says is. My cold is mostly gone, so I don’t feel bad about sewing. Most of the fuss that goes into getting a Etsy account is out of the way. I love backstories and I also enjoy puns.

I’m looking forward to starting the Etsy shop, I will sell only things made from found fabrics on there. I hope to earn at least enough money for my best friend and I to be able to visit Israel.

Why Modesty

I dress modest for a lot of reasons,

! Modesty is a way for me to show that I am God’s.

@ It is a way for me to represent God.

# It is expected of me.

$ I like to.

% I don’t want people to judge me on my body. Don’t tell me that people don’t judge you on your body because they do.

^ I don’t want the guys in my life to see more of my body than they are comfortable seeing. There are a lot of guys in my life (even teenage guys) and they are used to seeing girls and women dressed immodestly, but they like seeing people dressed modestly. I’ve gotten compliments from young men I barely know partly because I dress modestly.

The men in my life would be shocked and carefully not look at me if I was so crazy as to wear legging, never mind a bikini. They would probably run off and get me some clothes.

I am not saying that guys aren’t aware of my looks, I’m saying, my personality, my beliefs, and such are more important. While I was in India I got to know a few guys and yes they were handsome, but as soon as I realized that I would ask myself “would they be suitable for me to marry them” and the answer was always no, so I enjoyed their friendship.

I also am not saying you can’t show that you have a figure, for some of us modest dressers that is the only way we will get people to guess we aren’t tweens.