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The Ukrainian Lady

Do you know what this is? This is me trying to get an idea out of my head. It’s been more or less the only thing I can think of for the past three weeks. I’ve a couple of blog posts that I’ve started and not completed as I can’t muster the brain power to think of them. I’ve dozens of photos I could share to Instagram, but can’t as my brain tells me, “No you want to share about this first.” NO I DON’T, I wanted to share random trip pics first, that hasn’t happened. I just need to get this character worm out of my head.

So, we were hosting P’s inlaws, the last evening before we moved I decided to share a picture of my Ukrainian shirt and get Sl’s older sister’s opinion on it. Her older brother V also looked and they both agreed very much Ukrainian colors. Then V told me “You’re currently wearing Ukrainian colors. It looks like someone from a movie”

Did you have to???

Later I took a few pictures of the look so that I could remember it, for I thought “It’d make a funny Instagram caption.” But oh no. Oh no, no. That night as I lay in bed, the next day as I cleaned, as we drove down to the new house, until now: what movie would it be, what character would she be.

Well, do I have answers.

It’s a story of smuggling in the USSR in the 1950s. She is a proud Ukrainian who helps the smugglers. How can I tell?

First off, as has been mentioned, she is a proud Ukrainian, we can tell as she wears the Ukrainian colors all the time. It’s a great way to reference her background and politics without having to mention it much.

Second, it’s set in the 1950s, her hair appears short, but she wears a hat. (and not for just for the cold). Also she wears a circle skirt that hits just below the knee. Together these really only add up to the 1950s.

Thirdly, that it is set in the USSR. Now I will admit a lot of this is speculation on my part as I’ve not made a study into 1950’s Soviet fashion but… 
Her hair appears straight under the hat. In the West where everybody had wealth, electric servants, and/or leisure time having your hair coiffed most of the time was a must. In the Soviet Union these things were far rarer so I expect that such acts were much less common. 
Her skirt also falls straight down. I do not claim that straight skirts didn’t exsist in the West during the 1950s I’m just saying that if you had a circle skirt you wore petticoats that helped flair it out. In the USSR where people were more improvished and living spaces were tighter, I wouldn’t expect floofy, time consuming petticoats to be common. 
However the West’s fashion has long been a draw for citizens of less free countries, so to see a character who is not satisfied with her current country  mimicking them isn’t surprising. Also depending on her position in the smugglers ring and what they are smuggling she may occasionally end up on the Western side of the line, where following the styles would help her blend in.

There is chance that you are wondering “How come I was wearing this?” There are several answers.

  • My favorite color is blue. Yellow comes soon after.
  • We were traveling so I had a limited wardrobe.
  • It was fall so I wanted warmer clothes. The yellow shirt was one of the only long sleeves I had out and the skirt, being longer and thicker is a good transitional piece.
  • They were clean.
  • I like them all of these garments. (and now I really like them together.)

As you may have noticed there are some pictures where I am wearing a blue and yellow sweater, but in most of them I’m wearing a black and yellow shirt. The original look was the one with the shirt, but as winter is coming and as Ukraine is in the North, I thought I’d include the sweater as an alternative look for V’s Girl. 

I somewhat fully intend to do a series of posts about most of the items in my wardrobe as standalone pieces and not just as parts of outfits as I really love them. Where this look stands at the time of writing, only one item has been blogged about, but in my defense I’ve blogged about it three times, so that must count for something. So more details about the individual garments to come.

There is one other detail about her character that I imagine, but I couldn’t think of how her clothes would show it, so thoughts please. Her family had been landed farmers. I know she works at a collective now, but that’s all I’ve got.

So if you ever find yourself wondering if your outfit is good ask someone very different and maybe you’ll find yourself out of a movie.


An Adventure Begins

An Excerpt From The Auto Biography

I knew something was up when they moved me into the shade and left my doors open. And sure enough there was a small stream of people bringing things to me over the next little bit. Then the three youngest climbed into me and they prayered for safety and we were off.

The first half hour was quite normal. Then we turned and went to Nevada (pronounced Nev-aid-ah) which is very unusual. B had been driving, but when we stopped to fuel me, Esther took over so B “wouldn’t get tired” She drove most of the way to Springfield, but M took over just before we got to the city.

I will say that the drive between Nevada and Springfield was pretty nice. There were hills for me to chug up and then coast down. There were some pretty decent curves, we almost took a couple of them a bit fast, but we slowed down in time. One little town we passed through had an old car show and lots of people were walking towards it. I thought I almost could have fit in there.

In Springfield we stopped at a Home Depot and R was there with a truck and trailer. They ate a supper out of my side. I had been warming it up for them. The girls gave R and B some food, then the guys drove off. The girls went to wash up, but the shop must have been closed, because they came back pretty quickly and drove to a nearby gas station instead. They used their phone to plot our route and M drove off. Down out of Missouri and into to Arkansas.

The Author

Esther here, I know this is rather odd, but for the longest of time I’ve been wanting to write the “auto”biography of our oldest, most reliable, vehicle. We recently had an adventure, so I thought I’d share it, through the lens of our van. I’m leaving the story here for now, because our adventure got pretty exciting after it got dark and we’ve a whole nother day to talk about. I expect to get three posts out of this adventure, so I think I’ve figured out what I’ll be talking about for most of the rest of June.

This Week

This week kinda got a bit away from me, to the best of my knowledge I’m the only one to have completed the 50^50 challenge so I’m happy with the dancing I did as a prize, but that is boring. To bad about Katja and Sarah.

I was going to get M to take pictures of a skirt I finished. I’ve wanted pictures of it for ages, but she refused. I thought about doing an OOTD of it, but as I’ve made the skirt I want to properly introduce it first.

Meanwhile I’ve been spending each evening doing stamps. I hope to be done with this drawer by the end of June

As you can tell in the picture I’m about half way done. And before you tell me that clearly I’m shoving the stamps together I assure you. That was how it was when I started. The envelopes in front are the most recent collection of the ones going to be sold for my aunts and uncle.

I’ve been sewing a little, I just finished a project I tried to hard on. Next I might do a full version of a little mock up I have, but I might do some more finishing first.

I’ve a three part baking thing planned and that will be exciting.

The Lost Review Of Odd Books Blog Tour

Do you ever realize that because you don’t have a plan a number of matters are coming up soon? Sunday will be the last day of the 50^50 challenge and there are other things happening behind the scenes that are coming up quickly. If you’d still like to join the tour you can for a few more days then I’ll be shutting it down, but know if you do you won’t be advertised on this page.

Let’s see what will be happening where and when

18th, Conversation about books with Rebecca @ Read Another Page & Esther @ The Lost Review Of Odd Books

20th, Bookish List by Abigail @ Read Review Rejoice

24th, Urban Fantasy Colab with Esther @ We’ve Got Pockets & Esther @ The Lost Review Of Odd Books

28th, Pride And Prejudice Review for Grace @ Gabbing With Grace

29th, Interviews with Katja @ Little Blossoms For Jesus and Kylie @ Kylie Hunt-The Film Directors Wife

The Lost Review Of Odd Books

And Blog Update

I’m starting another blog. I’m not abandoning this one, so don’t worry, but I’ve two hard interests now and one has been a little productive. So it’s getting it’s own blog. That is of course reading!!!!

I’ve wanted to do a book based something for a long time and I feel like this will be a good start. If you’d like to officially share about it sign up with this link. Or fill in the form

The Start of how the Temp Blog Banner will look. I’d like a custom one with more particular books but I’m not that much of an artist.

For this blog it means way less talk about books. I still might share about some of my favorites, but there will be way less blog tours, etc…

I still plan on posting to here a couple times a week. Right now I’m working on a shirt that I planned on photographing the process, but that didn’t happen. I need to do another photoshoot or two. I’ve got a couple of items that could use reviewing, but I might leave one of them towards fall when I should do a colder weather themed set of posts, for I’ve a lot of wintery cool stuff. I’m working on a cotton version of this post, it isn’t going well.