How To Read Through: The Bible

Reading through the Bible is hard. It’s starts great, then you get like half way through Exodus and it can get a little boring. Powering through gets you to Leviticus with its sacrifices, then Numbers (title is self explanatory). Finally you reach Deuteronomy and it repeats the last three books… What!?! Oh, and once you’ve finished that you are only five books in.

I struggled with this, because I’m impatient. A couple of deep, but boring chapters with more to come and I want to say, “That’s enough of this for today” and then tomorrow will come and it’s “More deep but boring, one chapter is enough.” and the day after I’ll just put it off.

So how did I get over this.


I started reading the Bible differently. I took the Bible and decided on four large sections, The Pentateuch, Joshua-Psalms, Proverbs-Malachi, and the New Testament, and I read a chapter or twenty verses from each section every day.

I’ve considered changing it so that Psalms and Proverbs are there own section, but I haven’t gotten around two it yet.

The Day I Love

This Shabbot is coming far to slowly. Probably because I haven’t done hardly anything this week. I celebrate the Sabbath. I keep the seventh day of rest.

I know Saturday is the seventh day, because Sunday is the first day of the week.

God created the seventh day for resting on. It’s for resting from what is ordinary and spending time honoring God.

Some spend the day experiencing creation. God Made It!

Others spend the day discussing the Bible. God Wrote It!

There are those who merely come together in fellowship. God Recommended It!

A few spend the day serving others. God Commanded It!

There is no wrong way to do it. Just think about what God wants you to do and make sure it’s not your normal routine.

And if you can’t manage that focus on God’s word. Remember it.

It Doesn’t Stop Us

I like my sisters, my best friend, and her sisters can usually be found wearing a skirt. The skirts we wear hang over our knees when we are sitting and allow us to take long strides. That is the secret to a skirt you can do anything in with having to worry about anything.

I have climbed trees, ladders, cliffs, and climbing walls in my every day clothes, because it would take to long to change. I have jumped into leaves and crossed rivers in these clothes, because I can.

I am proving I can be strong and feminine like all the greatest women in history, when I hike, backpack, run, blaze trails, and garden in my skirt. But I’m also very glad I don’t live back then.

Look it’s the back of M ^

And I show my personality and my willingness to be different when I wear a skirt for everything else that I do.

My Favorite Way To Eat Fruit

Aka My favorite fruit.

During my time in India I had a lot of conversations that are coming back to me and saying I want to be a blog post. This was one of them. The actual conversation was about our favorite fruit, I said peaches… At room temperature. Or fresh off the tree with a good friend eating one too and six bushels waiting to be paid for in the back of the van.

I come from Dixie.

The more I thought about it the more I wondered if what I told them was true. I’ve decided. It is, mostly. If you don’t count tomatoes.


I actually would rather eat any fruit that is at room temperature than a cold peach, unless it was frozen, that leads to a completely different ballpark.

Actually I like most things to be at least room temperature. It is the best way to eat cheese, or chocolate, fruit or salads.

So if you ever have me over please don’t chill the fruit, I’ll happily eat it, but I would rave about it if you had left it warm.

Not Worn For A Year

Yes, yesterday I wore something I hadn’t worn in a year. Please understand, this was no last hurrah, no see if my tastes have changed. There is a reason that item of clothing is in my closet. It is the most important part of my wardrobe. I’ll probably wear it again in the spring.

a year since

It is my gardening skirt. A couple of years ago it got badly stained on the seat, so I wear it if I know I’m going to be doing tons of gardening. Yesterday I was helping dig Grandpa’s sweet potatoes.

People say if you haven’t worn something in six months, throw it out. I say think about it, my gardening skirt (and my apron) is what keeps the rest of my clothes looking nice.

Several summers back I got a high quality swimsuit, I wear it two or three time a summer, so it is still very nice, but I don’t wear it from September to June, should I get rid of it?

I say when considering what to get rid of, also consider if you really like it, and/or regularly use it, maybe you shouldn’t get rid of it.


What I Believe; The Basics

Thus I begin my long over due post about my faith.

I Believe in the God of the Bible, The God of the Old and New Testaments, The God of the Torah.

I Believe that God wants us to call him by our closest approximation of his name YHWH on occasion.

I Believe that Jesus (Yeshua) came to take the punishment of our sins.

I Believe that Yeshua is YHWH.

I Believe YHWH.

I Believe that the laws of the Old Testament (Torah) are for our own good and should be kept.

I Believe that the Feasts and Sabbaths outlined in the Torah are when God specifically wants us to meet with him.

I Believe that when talking about the past the Bible says what is means and means what it says.

I Believe that the prophecies are not for predicting exactly what will happen when, but for recognizing what is happening when it does.