Camp Fire Granola

A few weeks ago Mom was making granola before lunch and it went a little awry. A couple of days later when we finally tried the granola I felt like I was sitting by a campfire, had been for several days and had a bit of a cold coming on. So basically it felt like a normal cold weather camping trip.

Though thankfully this recipe won’t give you a cold I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Also this recipe calls for a gas oven, if you do not have one it will not work.

Make a granola base

(a nine-by-thirteen pan full of oats, a cup of butter, and a cup of honey. Bake in oven until they are melted then stir together.)

If you want to do what Mom did (which I do not suggest) put all your nuts and seeds on top before the next step. I don’t know how well it would work with nothing on top. Use your judgement (and why are you doing this).

Only do this last step if you are sure that the neighbors will not judge you or call the fire department.

Put the pan into the broiler. Leave it there until smoke begins to come out even though it’s closed.

Grab a pair of hot pads and run your granola outside.


if you have to blow out the flames more than once.




What’s Happening This Week?

Yesterday I didn’t post, because I almost never schedule posts. And I went for a four hour car ride during which I drove an hour and a half, then I got left with my Grandparents.

My Grandparents are in need of a chief cook and bottle washer for the next little while because they are having blood pressure problems.

This was eleven year old m ideas of a grand time, but nineteen year old me is more aware of the logistics. And the fact that we used to live five minutes from Grandpa and a minute from an Aunt, now it’s four hours.

I’m actually also helping with laundry and I went shopping. I got distracted half way through writing this, to help make a puzzle.

I’m here til Friday then M will come.

The Reluctant Communist

My Desertion, Court Marshal, And Forty Year Imprisonment In North Korea – Charles Robert Jenkins

As per usual for book cover this comes from Goodreads

Honestly the main thing I didn’t like about the book was the subtitle. ^ It sounds like the court marshal happened before the forty years, when really it was after. This is by no means the only book I found the title to be annoying. I recently read a book title Hiking Westward, in which they did no hiking. Also the book Six Months To Live was more poetic than the truth. But it isn’t a really big deal.

The book starts  by explaining the authors childhood and young adulthood. It’s a fascinating reminder of how much America has changed.

Then he gives an explanation of how and why he deserted.

As the story progresses you get to see just how crazy and awful North Korea truly is. It is a world without sanity, not just a world of cruelty.

My first thought was that this book reminded me of Captain America, but for a shorter amount of time, and like not fictional. But the more I thought about it the more I realized it reminded me of The Man Without A Country which you can find here or there.

If you want to find out what I thought about the mention of sex in this book look no further than this.

Spoiler Alert: The S Word

I finished a book this past Tuesday and (spoiler) I thought it was great. I plan on doing a full review on Sunday. I wrote a short five star review for it on Goodreads saying I thought anyone who could read and was interested should.


Then I remembered there is a small scene where the word sex is thrown around like five times. I thought  “drat, I bet most people would not like that scene,” so I added a comment to my review.


Then I thought about it some more. I finally came to the conclusion that any child old enough to read the Bible themselves. (especially if they have had most of the Bible read to them before) is old enough to read that book, because


There are certain scenes in the Bible that need no added dramatization from Hollywood to make them R rated.


A Soup Confession

I consider myself to be a good cook, I’ve only made one type of soup though. I’ve made it multiple times. The reason I’m thinking about soup should be pretty obvious to my regular readers, my family has been down with miserable colds.

I’ve always thought making soup for supper, was something of a cheat meal, I’ve thought it was super quick and easy. I’ve put stews together, but I’ve only ever made french onion soup.

I now see french onion soup as easy, and I think I can now make other soups without feeling to lazy.

My Soup Recipe

Slice either 1 large, 2 medium, or 4 small onions per person thinly.

Add 1 tablespoon of butter per person to a skillet.

Turn the skillet on medium low and add the onions.

Stir occasionally until the onions are golden in color.

Transfer to pot and de-glaze the skillet.

Add stock to pot and cook on low until serving time.

Serve with toasted cheese sandwiches.


Random Post #1

I have been watching what my “numbers” do when I don’t post for several days in a row, most of the time these days they don’t immediately drop down to zero. I’m collecting data for a future couple of posts.

I won the Reveries and Co blog tour 30 books giveaway. Honestly I entered to give them some support and did not expect to win. I thought,

“I have no reason use their company,  Mom would not be super pleased about more books, but the chances are low that I’ll win, so why not?”

There is always a chance if you enter, and Murphy’s law…

After two week on no Tuesday food pantry, this week was a zoo, the food truck broke down. and we didn’t start giving out food til an hour late.


A Delightful Book, Nancy Lee’s Lookout

I don’t really know how to feel. Is it the end of an era? Is it an exciting achievement? Why do I care so much?


After all I’ve only just finished a book. I mean if you looked at my Goodreads profile you would be wondering what is wrong with me, I finish books all the time.


True, but most books I finish aren’t the last book I haven’t read of a series. And they aren’t the third out of four books. And I loved the first two of the series, but the last one wasn’t well done. And most books don’t have the promise to get back to my favorite “YA” series once I’ve finished it. And very few books are super promising, but have been put off for two years.


So Hurrah, Yippee, Hurray, and other cheers I have finished Nancy Lee’s Lookout.


Yes it was great. I enjoyed it. I would totally recommend it. It is a delightful summer story, about a YA and her adventures with her friends one summer.

Get a copy of it here.

Or better yet get the first book of the series here.