A Oval Delight

You know that terrible moment when you restart you computer and discover that your half written blog post wasn’t saved. Yeah, today’s been miserable, but I’ve finished fixing something so. Yay! It was a good post too.

I adore circle skirts. I want a really long one and right now I’ve got two just below the knee ones. This post is about how that came to be.

For ages I’ve had this pretty, green skirt that actually is a disaster and horrible. It had been a costume, so it is practically unfinished and the cheapest fabric ever. I’ve always intended to eventually replace it, but I’m not sure what to do with the fabric. But it’s still very serviceable and I thought I’d replace it with a blue one from the same place. But enough about that.

If you are no longer a child and desire a circle skirt that comes down to your ankles, you have a slight problem. You’ll have to buy special fabric. Or piece large sections. Or you can just find a round tablecloth and go from there. And if you choose the tablecloth you won’t have to hem!

I was at the thrift store picking up this years best uncertain and enexpected read, and fabric for a different skirt I haven’t made yet because I don’t really neeeeeed more skirts. I suddenly remembered that thrift stores are great places to find round tablecloths at affordable prices so I took a look through their selection.

They had them neatly folded and taped with masking tape telling you the shape and size of the table cloth. It was easy to find one in a color I liked (BLUE) and it said it was a big circle so off I went to pay. I got home, unfolded it, and horror off horrors! It wasn’t a circle. It was an oval, a rounded rectangle!

The internet has around a million and one tutorials on how to make a circle skirt. You can care about bias stretch or not. You can put multiple pieces of fabric together. You can probably add a ruffle. It’s a fair amount drier when in comes to oval skirts.

A couple people I asked suggested that I rehem it, but I was afraid that it would be to short for my taste. I didn’t know what my path would be, but whenever I’m doing something I’m super uncertain about I make a mini mockup.

It didn’t turn out perfectly and I’d like to revisit the idea one day, but it was time to move on to the full size mockup. This is necessary. I don’t know the math to tell you what to do. First we tried making the oval hole with the dimensions that sound reasonable. It was way too large. So we tried again. This time we cut out a piece of fabric that was about a foot long and an inch wide. It was perfect. It makes me sound tiny. But I’m 26.5″-27.5″ depending on…

Sorry for the lack of construction pictures.

The oval was too long for me to just take that small section out so I first folded it in half and cut a strip out of the middle. This became my waistband and pockets. I cut a half foot stretch out of both halves, only to discover I did my math wrong. The cut sides were an inch shorter than the middle… An easy enough fix, simply cut away a little more where need at the waist, the excess is later gathered into the waistband.

From there it’s super simple. Attach the pockets, sew the side seams, put on the waistband… Oh, wait. I made the waist band a bit complicated and then I did the closures wrong.

I decided to do a two piece waistband with hook and eye closures on both sides. I also put a dart in the back. In the end one set of hook and eyes got sewn three times. But it got finished and I’ve a super gorgeous skirt.

Ramblings 2

I don’t remember what take one of this post was like, but, today I want to talk about distractions, painful situations, and what is keeping me busy.

Recently I’ve gotten back to exercising more. Yay! I’ve also restarted memorizing chunks of the Bible. Yay! I’ve also restarted writing Containsia and working on it’s world building. Yay! We are finally getting around to sorting out Grandpa’s loose stamp collection. Yay! I’m currently reading two books and trying to tell myself that I need to finish a third.

The US isn’t doing well. Not that the rest of the world is much better. Meanwhile the pressures to earn a living haven’t decreased. (why do people complain about some pressures and not others. People are nuts.)

I’m currently working on three sewing projects, but that is fine. My wardrobe is running out of room, that is less fine. I don’t know how to sell my sewing for a fair price for everyone involved. I sent a couple of emails to fashion YTs that like small businesses, but I’ve heard nothing back which means I told them to much and not enough (if you ask my brain). I could try to get a costuming job. The one is short term, which is nice, but it would be over some important moments so… The other is described as a career on the website and I’d have to move…

The pressure is on and how can I stand it,
I feel it pushing both left and right,
The pressure is on, Give me strength Father,
To work through the day and the night.

The pressure to stay and live with at home,
I don’t want to do it but if I must,
The pressure to grow and to become better,
To go out and to give God my trust.

The pressure is growing each day and hour,
I wish that this matter was clear,
The pressure is growing one can not hide,
To act and let God take my fear.

Esther Jackson

Advice, prayers, and help are all appreciated.

The Blue Striped Bandage

In an effort to not bother my photographer to much I try to pull a ton of posts out of a single photoshoot. Now she wasn’t wanting to come photograph my newest skirt (we’ll not mention that the second newest hasn’t be shot), but I was getting ready. I left my computer and went to visit the little room. As I passed through the dining room I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my foot.

A quick exploration discover a piece of glass. It was beautifully clear, with a tinge of blood on it. My priorities are a little skewed, so I went to M to ask her if she knew about the glass. She didn’t, so I went and fixed up my foot.

So I asked the ladies at KDWC if they wanted to see a explanation of the above selfie which I took for Spring 100 and Katja, SawyerMarie, and Auntie Erika did so, here is what happened after I dealt with my foot and before I took this picture. (did you make it through the run on sentence?)

I checked my science experiment. (I don’t know if I’ll post about it, it’s been boring so far) I wore clodloppers for that. Then I finally bothered M into doing the above photoshoot. Spoilers for several posts down the road, but I had bare feet for most of that. As I was dancing the bandage started to come off a little. (it’s a full skirt) (okay fine, I’ll share a picture from the shoot where you can see the bandage)

This may be one of my favorites, but then all of the in focus ones are stunning and I don’t need tons of gorgeous pictures of myself so I should just delete the fuzzy ones and not mind that they weren’t all perfect.

We came home again. And I decided that for Spring 100 I really needed to get more than a bare mile for the day. So I made a questionable choice. I went for a two mile walk barefoot. One of those miles is on a dirt road. (well gravel, I live in Kansas, it gets graded and graveled regularly)

Don’t worry, it turned out like most of my questionable decisions. “Eh, it happened” Seriously, I’ve a list of things that sound like they could be they start to a wild story, but nothing comes from it.

I walked slowly and carefully. I picked some daffodils. I didn’t work on Bible Memory because I misplaced my paper. Nobody stopped to ask if I was okay. The bandage mostly came off. When I got home instead of washing off my feet at the back door I went into the house where there is soap. And there I took the selfie. And these two closer up pictures.

If you look really closely at the right one right by the folded back edge of the the bandage, you can see the wound. Thankfully it had stopped bleeding, by this point, but maybe that was because the dirt was in the road. I recleaned it, making sure to do a thorough job and rebandaged it so it would stay that way.

So yeah, bit of a pity that this years big foot wound (at least so far) happened in the house. Usually it happens because of something odd outside (the hazards of mostly going barefoot) but just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you’re safe.

One of My Favorite Things

So recently I’ve been looking back at a lot of my older posts. Seeing what I’ve done, linking them, seeing what I haven’t done, seeing what I could use, seeing what pictures I’ve multiple copies of, seeing what pictures I had that I thought I deleted. (oh wait I seem to have moved onto my computer, but in the same realm)

So I discovered that I hadn’t posted about my favorite garment. I love most of my clothes, and I’ve not posted about most of them. I only post about things I’ve modified, or looks, or things that fascinate me. Well these shorts kinda tick off all of the boxes now, so… (apologies for the Irving Wishbuttonness of my shorts but it was loose and fit)

The modification has been discussed, though they used to be cuffed. So let’s talk looks. These shorts give me strong George from The Famous Five vibes. I don’t think I ever truly wanted to make this my style, but as we’ve determined book clothes are super influential to me.

Now let me tell you why these are fascinating. THEY ARE WOOL AND WOOL SHORTS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! I don’t find the slightly itchy feeling of standard wool to be the least bit irritating, so the nasty polyester lining is gone. That means I get full benefit of the warmth. And the warmth is real, yes, from the knees down isn’t covered, but have you seen some people? Pull on some knee high socks, pop a skirt over it and hey presto, you’re mostly fine. And much better off than people who just wear shorts in the winter.

“But shorts are for summer” you say.

I reply “In Delhi India, late May,

I wore them without a cry”

That is a true story. Because wool tries to keep us at body temp. it’s really not that bad if you are not used to AC.

I suggest if you want a pair, to buy one slightly large and gently shrink it down to fit. When I first got these from the thrift store (the ones in our greater area are excellent) they sat around my hips, now it fits loosely around my waist.

50^50 Memory Challenge

I like to have dozens of things going on at once. Books, sewing projects, dreams, etc… Sometimes I’ll get so busy I drop something, and it takes a lot to bring it back.

Often this is fine. I don’t need to know the ending to this story or that. BUT… Sometimes I’m a bit ashamed at what get dropped. I don’t remember when, and I don’t remember why, Bible Memorization got dropped.

I want to bring it back. So I’m challenging myself and any of you who wants to join to spend the next 50 days memorizing. I wanted something easier, I wanted something neat. Stories are easier to memorize, so I set out to find a chapter that was an even fifty verses and a story.

I found one that satisfied me at Numbers 16. Yes, I know Numbers has a reputation of being boring, but 16 is quite the story.

If you want to join me in this challenge, by Friday 6 AM Central time send me a picture of you holding up the Bible open to the passage. If you must choose a different passage send me the references so I can know. Don’t be afraid to include any social media handles you would like to share.

Feel free to share the membership logos and your progress on social media. To win my admiration and whatever prize I may (or may not) come up with, on May 16th by 6pm Central time send a picture of your handwritten copy of the passage and I’ll trust that you’ve memorized it. You can either write it out verse by verse as you memorize them, or all at once like I did (though I may make a nicer copy) If during the course of memorization you have thoughts you’d like to share feel free to post about them and send me a link or just send me your thoughts so I can share.

I hope you will join me in putting Gods words into our hearts.