Excuses excuses. 

I haven’t looked at my blog behind the scenes in about 15 days, as it is about 16 days from the writing of this since I last posted.  September has been happening. I’ve a good number of blog posts that will be written about the stuff that I’ve been doing at some point during Oct-Nov, but Oct is also looking crazy. 

I started the month visiting GrandM, then we spent 10 days panicking about stamps. I believe it was during this time I had an issue with ordering my best friend’s birthday present (yes it is not for a month, no I’m still not over the issue). I visited GrandM again. I cleaned house for pay twice I dyed. I went on a photoshoot. I made a mockup and haven’t modified it yet. I made a hat. I started a skirt for D. I finished upcycling a skirt for M. We celebrated a couple of Biblical holy days. I’ve starting posting on my Youtube channel again. I’ve been posting to social media. I’ve been in a reading slump. I made two batches of fun flavored ice cream. I finished 5 novels in the last week, some of which were over four hundred pages in length. I’ve got to review five books next week and I’ve only got three of them. I made tons of cookies and will be making more.

I made a schedule and thought I was sticking to it fairly well. The early mornings have been great. Get up read the Bible and then up in some exercise. Eat breakfast, do any chores. Check social media and my email. Basics I need to do if I want to start a business and stay healthy.
And then….
One day I’m sewing all day, the next I’m going over to talk with the neighbor, another I’m cleaning house, or visiting GrandM, I’m spending the day with cooking, or dealing with stamps.
The evenings kinda get back on track, whilst I’ve not being doing any journaling or writing, this is when I get the video editing done.
So it’s just the middle of the day, when I’m supposed to be writing blog posts, reading, and doing other things that has been swept aside is a flurry of action.

So what is coming up.
Sukkot, which means we will be camping in Iowa for about 9.5 days
Then it’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen the niephlings and even longer for Dad, so we will be home a day before trotting down to see them for a weekend. On the way back we will see GrandM again.
We’ve got to be home to volunteer on 5th. Laundry will need to be done so we’ll probably leave on the 10th to go to NY* We’ve a wedding to go to, a brother to move, and we will hopefully get to visit Maine and the New England states. We have to be back by the 2nd of Nov to volunteer again.

This means I may be home less than ten days till November. In October I’ll have access to my computer and internet most of the time, so I plan on blogging again… I’m not entirely sure how much time I’ll have so there will no major claims or boasts.

*We were meant to go on this trip in September right about now, but the US Air Force decided in August to change when they want my brother to move. Yes, this was very annoying. I thought that for once we were being like other people planning a season in advance, but that’s silly. HOW???

TCKs For Christ Is Coming Soon

TCKs for Christ is officially launching on September 4th, 2021!

What is TCKs for Christ?

TCKs for Christ is a website ministry that strives to serve, encourage, and challenge teenage Christian third culture kids and young adult TCKs. These include missionary kids, business kids, cross-cultural kids, mixed-cultural kids, diplomat kids, etc. 

The TCK life has its struggles and challenges, and TCKs for Christ desires to encourage a TCK in truth and to tell them that they are not alone and there’s Someone who cares more than they can ever know. The TCKs for Christ team consists of TCKs writing for young TCKs to motivate them to use their gifts for His kingdom and to live victoriously with a firm identity in Jesus Christ. 

Who are TCKs?

Third Culture Kids or TCKs are people who have lived in a culture other than their parents’ or their passport/birth country’s culture during their developmental years or years before adulthood. Because of their exposure to two or more cultures, a “third culture” is formed and incorporates the cultures TCKs have significantly interacted with. Thus, a TCK’s cultural behavior is not restricted to only one.

Does TCKs for Christ have an Email List?

Yes, they do! Upon signing up, you will receive exclusive content of one TCK letter and one newsletter per month in your inbox.

The TCK Letters convey heartfelt experiences through words, in which a few of our writers talk about the struggles and triumphs of their TCK life.

The Monthly Newsletter is a fun, convenient summary of new articles and interviews published on our website for the month.

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Le Plat Vert

Yes, I translated the name of this dish to french so it’s sounds fancy, I personally refer to it as Green.

Yes, this was the leftovers.


  • 1 bunch Asparagus (chopped)
  • Green Pepper (sliced to about the same size and shape as the above, should be similar quantity)
  • Onion (sliced as above, quantity as above)
  • Green Beans (chopped, quantity as above)
  • Leftover Fried Okra (quantity as above)
  • Garlic (minced, no less than a teaspoon)
  • Fresh Parsley (minced, at least 2 stalks)
  • Fresh Sage (minced, at lest 2 leaves)
  • Other Fresh Herbs (minced, quantity as above)
  • Butter (1 Tablespoon)
  • Salt (to taste)
  1. Collect and prepare ingredients.
  2. Place Butter in medium skillet and melt it.
  3. Fry Onion until lightly brown
  4. Add to onion, and fry
    • Green Beans
    • Green Pepper
    • Asparagus
  5. Add Garlic, let it get fragrant
  6. Add Okra, let it warm
  7. Add
    • Parsley
    • Sage
    • Other Herbs
  8. Salt and Serve

It’s delicious, healthy, and clearly green. It serves six as a side.

Resizing Pattern Drawings

The Modern Way

Here’s a free toddler dress pattern I used for deciding how big I should make the pieces. Or at least a link to the shop you can get it from. This picture shows the layout of the page I used for this project.

Here you might be able to tell that I’ve gotten this to the right size and just how zoomed in that is.

Then I moved in one of the pattern pieces I want to use and arrange it so I can see through it and it’s in the right direction.

After a bit of fiddling I’ve got my pieces to match up. Please note that one of the reasons I didn’t want to use the Chloe dress is that it had a wider neck than I wanted. So I measured the straight length of my piece.

This shows the full pattern I’m using and the size I have to zoom in to so it is the right size

Here is my hand tracing it and then I retraced it with a marker so I could see it easier.

And finally the finished pattern, sure the main dress pieces aren’t full length, but I just extended them to the right length as it is just a straight line down from there to hem level. The tissue paper I used was just a basic pencil skirt that was too big for my family, we don’t like the style so we’d never use it.

This is a wee bit easier than drafting a pattern from scratch, but it comes with no instructions so it is a challenge to put together. If you wish to make this dress yourself remember that D has part of the back neck on it.

Ucycled Hand Fan

I’m a bit of a chaotic, forgetful, mess, so I meant to write about my upcycled fan last summer, and it was going to be a two parter about how I did it and how I like the finished product, but I seem to have misplaced the pictures for the first half so I’ll try to find them and post it someday, but it’s really easy, just use your brain.

I love the fabric I chose to recover the fan with, it is both very much not something you’d see on a fan like that and at the same time very retro, “I need a hand fan” ish.

I want to give a shout out to my brother B, as you can tell by the following pictures, my axle/rivet thing broke and he very kindly, very carefully used a nail that he cut short and flattened the end of it to fix it.

I get it, most people happily live in AC or live in a country where 90F is considered very hot, but as someone who doesn’t, this is so useful. I’ll fan myself at dinner, at lunch, inbetween, in bed, while listening to the Bible. Any time my hands are still I’m fanning, or wishing I had the fan with me.