Sustainable Tuesday; Bed-End Shelf

I meant to post about this last week, but life was crazy so it’s coming this week instead. My blog may die again next week, but I’ll see what I’m able to schedule and or do.

I took apart a couple of pallets and the primary reason I wanted them was so that I would be able to make myself a shelf. I have books in four places that are dedicated to my books and scattered throughout I don’t know how many more. I had no more room so I made the fourth and it’s lovely.

Shelf end

As I sleep in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed I knew that I didn’t have to make the most structurally sound piece of furniture because I could tie it to the end posts and support it that way. You may be able to tell where it’s tied up in the above picture.

I also only nailed the shelf support to the sides with a couple of nails. I may decide to go around that section with some dark thread so that it is less prone to shifting. But it is sturdy enough to hold up all my books and even my occaisional kicks so…

shelf end

One problem of having it there is it doesn’t photograph well. That end of my bed is in a rather dark corner of a dim room. Please not that these are only about a quarter of my read books.

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Nanowrimo Update: Two Weeks Left

As I had no idea how to title this update I decided why not go with a statement of fact. If you want to check out the past couple of updates this is last weeks and this is the first.

You may have noticed that there were no blog posts at all this week. I had four or five planned but they all fell through, due to bad internet connection, lack of time, lack of resources, and a general not wanting to. Also, the one I wanted to do on Friday I want to check with a friend before I post it as it could be seen as a little mean…

Oh, yeah this is a Nano update. Let me remember:

es 1 Oh wait that is to far back in the past. Just this past week will do.

Sunday, I didn’t do super well, but I had to work for five hours so that was fine.

Monday, I was supposed to do really well on Monday, but I got accused of something I hadn’t done and it really hurt. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and I couldn’t write.

Tuesday, the after-effects of Monday were still reverberating through my mind, I also spent the day volunteering so I got little more than two hundred words written.

Wednesday, I had to work for a few hours and cook dinner, but I got more than two thousand words written.

Thursday, I had five hours of work that I spent making a cute scene for the library. I only got a couple thousand words written.

Friday. I was babysitting, so I only got a couple hundred words written in the morning. I had to quit writing a bit before five so I could help get ready for Sabbath as I make a point of not writing on the Sabbath.

Saturday, I was able to get a bit over a thousand words written after supper even though Mom was reading aloud a book to us. I hope to do better than that author, who I will not mention, but if you really want to know I did just add the book to Goodreads, so… Do with that knowledge as you will.

Next week should be calmer and so I hope to be able to get ahead as I am will be spending the last week of the month traveling to see family.

Now for a snippet

would switch which arm I was carrying it with at the end of every mountain.

I understood as I walked with the shield why soldiers at least would see the Jaars Mountains as dreadfully treacherous. The large size of the kite shield makes walking over the rough terrain absolutely horrible. I had to lift it up over this, while watching the top to make sure any of the weapon catchers didn’t catch on a branch. Meanwhile the sword was acting as a loose limb that doesn’t even bend.

For two half mountains I tried carrying the sword in my opposite hand as well. That was a little easier in some ways, but the lack of rest of either arm was too much and I had to quit. Dunnos was sympathetic but he enjoyed the fact that because of my weapons we were forced to walk at a speed he could keep up with even in cat form. Sam was impatient with the speed

It’s a classic horrible snippet, but things are starting to get exciting. If you’ve been following my Ko-fi account, you may have run across ****, he has a name now, it’s Bill.

I have been eating cabbage as my snack, it’s been lovely.

I hope I’m not going to light on the descriptions it took me until page 27 to mention the fact that the main character is ambidextrous and that is the only thing you know about him. Or anyone, except Dunnos and Sam.

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My story is weird. Okay?

NaNoWriMo Update: On Track

Yes. Yes. Yes.

As of lateish last night I got back on track to win Nano for the second time in a week. I probably would be ahead, but…

My sisters left Sunday morning. I had to set up my desk and clean the Air BnB. I managed okay.

Monday I spent the morning babysitting. Then we spent the evening going to get the title cleared up for our new mini van. So minimal writing.

Tuesday I passed two thousand words in one day for the first time! Yes!

Wednesday I wrote even more.

Thursday, the library was super quiet so I was able to get nearly a thousand words there. That was the day I wrote the most at nearly three thousand. I made it to being on track.

Friday was not so great as I had to clean, but I got over a thousand words out.

Yesterday evening I stayed up writing to 10:30 and got back on track.

I will be working at around five days this week. Not great. I may be working six days, or I may end up actually working on Tuesday and not volunteering. We’ll see how I do.

<<<<<<Now For a Snippet>>>>

was back with my uncle and what came out was,

“I’m pretty sure Tret is faking being sick, Aallanna has told me how to do it in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s told him too.”

“He needn’t fake being sick and he oughtn’t, if he wants a morning off he just has to tell me. As much as I like the two of you doing the animals when you are both here it’s not necessary, I’ve done them all by myself a time or two.”

That left me in no better a position to move the conversation

Yes, my snippets are mean.

If you want smaller snippets more frequently you should check out my ko-fi. I’ve been posting first lines I’ve written and somewhat accurate daily word counts.

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Pallet Furniture Sustainable Tuesday

When you are a small time, cheap, or green DIYer you will eventually run across the idea of making things from pallets. Most often is the classic headboard, but chairs and tables are also popular.

Today I’m starting a three part series on my pallet furniture making experience.

Most projects will start with the most obvious of steps.

Dismantle your pallets.

But how????

Slowly and (hopefully not) painfully.

First off you need a good selection of tools. I suggest:

A claw hammer, a pry bar, a pair of pliers/dull wire cutters.

Next you need to know how to use the tools. Most of them are pretty simple but it’s the pliers that I think deserve a mention. In case any of the nails lose their heads you use the pliers to pinch the nail right at the board and pull it out. If it sticks try an different angle.

Next I suggest spending a moment studying your pallet. If there are parts you want to keep, yay. If there are boards that will come out easier. Yay.

Third you need to accept that the nails might be junk. They were put in with a really powerful nail gun, you might not be able to reuse them.

Finally a semi helpful tip. If you put the pry bar in on the side of the board, the board is much more likely to crack, so go in from the ends.

NaNoWriMo Update 1

I’m actually writing a post way ahead of time for once. It’s the evening before I plan on posting this and I’m writing in between working on Containsia.

How Have I Been Doing?

Not well.

Friday was of course the first day and I… spent four hours cleaning house. Than I had to shower to get ready for Shabbot. I also had to check in at the library. So I only got 1188 words written. Not bad but not great. Today I started writing after dinner. I’ve gotten a couple hundred words in but at the bottom I’ll put a final first two days word count.

How Will Next Week Be?

Not much better.

I have to clean the Lodge on Sunday. (side note D and M are finally leaving, I’ll have a room to myself, I hope this will help me write quicker)

On Monday I get to Babysit a toddler. (we’ll see how that goes)

On Tuesday I go back to clean the last third of the house I helped with on Friday.

Wednesday I currently clear, but Thursday afternoon I work at the library again.

Friday will be just getting ready for Shabbot.

And most of Saturday is to rest on. So not looking to great.

Other Matters.

If you want more regular updates…

….on my writing check out my Ko-Fi page. Towards the beginning of my writing I’ll be posting the first sentence I wrote that day and towards the end I’ll post a rough estimate of how many words I’ve written. I also am aiming towards the goal of having a dollar per thousand words to treat myself with once I finish Nano. I don’t know yet what I want to get.

What else is happening this month?

I have one ARC. (Martin’s Legacy by Abigayle Claire) An impossible article for Oh Beloved One magazine. My neiphling will be born. Thanksgiving of course. Oldest Brother turning older. And maybe more.

How is your Nano coming? And what do you have to do this month?

Pattern Testing: The Phoebe Maxi

Phoebe3I got chosen to help pattern test the Phoebe Maxi for the Phoebe Collection over at Pattern Union. I’ve been wanting to do this for  a long time and this was the first time I’ve been chosen.


I hope to continue pattern testing as it is very fun to be forced into having to choose a fabric. Then you must hurry and print out the pattern. You must cut it as soon as possible. Then you must actually follow the instructions as you sew it up. (Yes this can make it take longer than you would think) Once that is all done you are asked to take pictures and tell them your thoughts. It is a process.



The Phoebe Maxi is a pretty basic pattern, but one thing I found difficult it when it said to Cut 1 Pair. I understand why they don’t want you to just cut two, but I still struggled.


For those of you who haven’t sewn, most pattern pieces mirror left and right, so when they say cut a pair they mean for you to cut a left and a right. (the easiest way to do this is to fold your fabric in half and cut through both layers at once) If you simply cut two pieces you may end up trying to sew two right arms. We simply aren’t made that way.



The pockets on this skirt are lovely. The back pockets are just big enough to hold a slim mass market paper back. The front pockets, while not as large as you first may think on seeing the pattern, are still plenty big enough.


My favorite detail on the top of the skirt is the zig-zag stitching I used. I sewed the elastic in place with it. I sewed the pockets on with zig-zag stitch. You may not be able to tell, but I think it is so cute and such a fun detail. I didn’t bother to put any zig-zag on the lower tiers, because I ran out of time.



I didn’t just run out of time I also ran out of bobbin thread twice. I was almost done with some decorative zig-zagging the second time it ran out. That was maddening. I was furious. Whatever I’m finished now.


I don’t plan on wearing it anytime soon. I made it out of some poly-cotton that we had lying around and I don’t care much for that type of fabric. I also plan on putting it in the county fair. Hopefully I finally get a purple ribbon…

Thanks D for taking the pictures.

Does the yellow cancel out the fact that this skirt is mostly blues???

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The Sabbath

Our family does something the extended family finds very controversial.

We rest on the Seventh Day.

Don’t we know that we shouldn’t do that because the New Testament made it so we should worship on the First Day.

Did you notice what happened?

All of the sudden we stopped talking about self care, and started limiting worship. Who decided this should happen and why.

So often when people talk about resting on the Sabbath, the conversation shifts from resting to worship. You can and should worship everyday. But the Bible is clear, rest on the Seventh day.

“Oh,” you may say, “I don’t know when that is, history has lost that detail.”

Don’t try that. Sunday is the Lord’s Day and the Lord’s Day is the first of the week. Logic then tells us that the day before the First Day is the Seventh. Rest on it.

Actually try it for a couple of months. Rest from Sunset to Sunset.


On a totally different subject a friend of mine, Jo, who blogs over at Pananaw is being called to go help her uncle’s mission in the Philippines. She needs $2000.