Mia And Nattie; One Great Team: A Distracted Book Review

As I start writing this please note that I should soon go fix lunch, hence the first distraction.

Mia And Nattie falls into a category of books I really like. Rescuing animals!!! Maybe it comes from reading and listening to all of the James Herriot when I was young, but I love it.

The illustrations.

I didn’t want to take too many pictures of the illustrations, because that is terrible practice, but I did get one. I noticed that most of the time Grace Sandford got the tail right. This was wonderful to see, as you should know, sheep tails hang down. The illustrations are super cute.

Sorry this isn’t one where the tail is down.

I chose this picture for one reason and one reason only. The text above it. Now on the very first page it says that Nattie was an early newborm. This is the major distraction for this review. And the reason I’m glad this is being sold as fiction.

Babies need to be as soft and smooth as possible for the mothers sake. The earlier a baby is born the more delicate (like lace) it is. So if this was what an early born Nattie really looked like, the problem wouldn’t just be that she came early and her mothers udder hadn’t filled. If a newborn lamb has noticeable horns, be glad the mother survived, because horns are weapons.

Now that I’ve gotten through my rant. And lunch is in the pre-eating disaster stage and I refuse to have anything to do with it until I eat it. Then I’ll have to wash dishes. Today is ugh.

At the end of the book is about three paragraphs telling the true story of Natalie. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve a couple of problems with the book. This illustrations are cute. But cute means simple, so nothing to keep you involved there. The story is great, but it is all retold in those three paragraphs so nothing to keep you involved there. It’s just to short.


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Author: Esther Jackson

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