Inspiration; Sewing

Creators don’t really like to admit it, but everything had an inspiration. Whether the inspiration is still obvious or whether it is long gone, doesn’t really matter something inspired them. Most things I would say have many little things inspiring them.

Sometimes I am scrolling the internet and I see a pretty dress, or skirt, or …. and I think “Wow that is pretty I wish I had it”. Then I rationalize why I am glad I don’t “Actually the fabric doesn’t look that comfortable, I bet it doesn’t have pockets, It would need changing to make it modest …” So I do it myself, but better.

Sometimes I search through fabric and a piece pops out, it says “I want to be a …”

Sometimes I see a garment that is iconic, everybody knows what it looks like, I think, “That is boring it has been over done.” It slips from my conscious thought, and I move on. Later I will be in a different time, a different country, of fashion and suddenly the garment will spring to mind. “These have details in common, why hasn’t no one put them together again.

Sometimes I have to make a garment. The details, any will do. The fabric, whatever I have on hand. The inspiration is desperation.

Sometimes I want something from books, drawings, pictures, movies, or history.

What inspires you?


Author: Weve got pockets

I am a young United States citizen. I've been mostly home schooled. I have no plans to go to college or university, but I plan to never stop learning. I'm the second youngest of seven. I love to teach. I feel called to design and sew modest clothes.

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