Modesty Blues

I had probably best start this post by explaining what this blog title doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean that modesty gives me the blues, makes me sad, or unhappy. I love dressing modestly, I can’t imagine not dressing modestly. It also is not like military blues, modesty is not a fancy uniform.



This is a post about the fact that I am sick of the color blue. Blue is without a doubt my favorite color. I love blue. It reminds me of the ocean, of lakes, and rivers. It is the color of the summer sky (and all the shades up there), and the color of the top half of a winter sunset. Pictures rarely do blue full justice. It can be so beautiful it seems fake, even when it is real.


Blue goes with every color. You can put any shade of it next to any color and it will look good. You can wear it in a solid color from head to toe and no one will blink. (in fact they may say you look gorgeous) You can wear mixed blues from head to toe and look perfectly normal. That is why I am tired of blue. It is great and all, but it can be a bit much.

Look at all the maples!!!

Modest clothes seem to frequently fall into the “lots of blue” category and it is because of the reasons mentioned above. Any other color from head to toe is “bold”, “eye catching”, “dramatic”, etc. I’m not saying that all the clothes are blue, but sometimes it seems like for every other color there are two blue options.

Screenshot_2019-05-27 Esther Jackson ( weve got pockets) • Instagram photos and videos

I stole this picture off of my Instagram. It is a picture of mid switching winter and summer clothes. I have so much blue in my wardrobe, that the flash took the blue and bounced it around to turn the whole picture blue. Though it is a little hard to tell there are items that are various shades of blue on three side of the picture and in the middle.

These are why I am trying to cut down on the blue. Why I’ve told myself “The next thing you make can’t be blue.” Why I’ve chosen other colors to be on my blog, because fashion should be more than blue. Blue shouldn’t be the only color you can wear head to toe without seeming a bit much.

A yellow and purple plaid with with white writing saying "leave a comment"

Author: Weve got pockets

I am a young United States citizen. I've been mostly home schooled. I have no plans to go to college or university, but I plan to never stop learning. I'm the second youngest of seven. I love to teach. I feel called to design and sew modest clothes.

12 thoughts on “Modesty Blues”

    1. Currently I don’t really have to think about because my wardrobe has everything it needs. (I do have plans to add super fun but rarely worn items to it, but those deserve their own blog series.)

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      1. Part of me doesn’t want to find a solution, part of me says “who cares, you should earn a hundred plus dollars so you can buy that bright orange dress you love” and the rest of me is trying to moderate between the two parts.

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